Wialon technical support

Wialon partners can expect to get technical support 24/7 as well as the assistance of the Technical Consulting Department and dedicated teams to resolve complex and specific issues.

We provide not only technical support but also train partners to master all the technical aspects of the Wialon system and niche products for addressing specific tasks.

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How 24/7 technical support works

The number of our direct and indirect partners, as well as the number of connected units, keeps growing. Together with this, the number and variety of requests we get from partners grow, too. To provide timely and quality technical support, we established a special request processing system that also involves the work of dedicated teams.

  • All the requests get to the Support 24/7 Department. More specific and complex issues that need considerable time for analysis and finding the solution are handed over to the Technical Consulting Department.
  • The questions for developers, business analysts, hardware specialists, and QA engineers, such as software failures or the products’ future, are handed over to the dedicated teams.
  • Please note: Technical Consulting and dedicated teams handle the technical support issues from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., UTC+3.
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How to contact us


On the phone or from the online assistant on gurtam.com, you can get answers to easier questions that don’t need an in-depth study.

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Enquiries dynamics

Enquiries dynamics

Technical support performance evaluation

Technical support performance evaluation

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