Training and certification


We aim at helping our partners grow, provide their clients with premium services and simplify the work of thousands of freight forwarders and logistics agents, taxis and construction companies, security and control systems, insurers and sports clubs.

To achieve this goal, we offer a range of training opportunities to Wialon users of any qualification: managers, dispatchers or end users.

What can you get?

1 Better technical support for end customers
2 Assistance in professional training of new employees
3 Help in finding custom and nonstandard solutions
4 Deeper knowledge of Wialon system to find applications in various business domains
5 Quick insight into modules and features, such as “Routes” or “Eco Driving”

What can we offer?

Service quick start


  • Wialon features
  • Spheres of application and business model
  • Choosing hardware
Personnel training

“Wialon Manager”:

  • Managers
  • Technical support specialists
  • Dispatchers
Custom solutions


  • New services
  • Separate modules
  • Problem analysis

Wialon: starting your service

Wialon book

The correct organization of accounts, sub-accounts, and billing plans from the very start can, to a great degree, determine the easiness with which your team members and customers will manage Wialon service.

Our downloadable study book "Wialon: starting your service" will help you in setting Wialon service hierarchy.


Wialon Hosting Manager

Certifies account management,
users, rights and units management
skills; CMS Manager.

Wialon Remote API programmer

Presupposes competence in SDK,
remote API and JavaScript
API skills.

Who will assist you?

Wialon training managers
Technical support team

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Your personal data is safe
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