Gurtam means together

Gurtam is a telematics and IoT solutions developer. 300+ Gurtam professionals from different countries contribute their knowledge and experience to the development and evolution of our innovative products and niche solutions. We know how businesses from almost any field can use telematics to solve their problems.

Our partners implement Gurtam products all around the world. Every day, these solutions change the game for absolutely different companies: from pizza delivery services and taxi companies to oil corporations and secret intelligence agencies.

Gurtam means together


years in the market

Extensive experience in developing software solutions for GPS monitoring



Vilnius, Boston, Dubai, Buenos-Aires, Tbilisi



Talented professionals who genuinely love their job



CIS, Middle East, Europe, the USA, Latin America, Africa, Australia, Asia

Our mission

Our mission is to create and develop advanced telematics solutions.

Gurtam products solve modern business problems, increase efficiency, and help achieve new goals.

Gurtam means together
Gurtam means together
Gurtam means together
Gurtam means together
Gurtam means together
Gurtam means together

Our values


Apart from professional knowledge, skills, and abilities, we put our heart into our work. We are proud of what we do and guarantee the quality of our products.


The most important thing for us is to evolve, constantly move forward, and do it together. Gurtam is a team of passionate people, hardworking and talented, ready to take risks and create.


We know our partners, developers of Wialon-based solutions, and hardware manufacturers in person. We are aware of all their challenges and achievements and value cooperation with them.


We care about our brands reputation. We work in a way that makes you wish to cooperate with us. We make every effort so that the Developed by Gurtam label remains a sign of impeccable quality forever.

Gurtam means together
Gurtam means together

Our history

Our journey started back in 2002 with the idea of developing solutions for satellite transport monitoring. While we were taking the first steps in this direction, a clear concept of the world telematics market leader appeared.

2002 2002
We developed our first solutions for a satellite transport monitoring system.
2004 2004
We released GPSDisp – the local monitoring manager software.
2006 2006
We founded Gurtam, and the Wialon platform entered the market.
2007 2007
We launched a non-commercial monitoring service GPS-Trace.
2009 2009
Gurtam participated in its first international IT exhibition.
Gurtam means together

Aliaksei Shchurko

Chief Gurtam Architect

Gurtam has recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary. We have had a long way from isolated projects to becoming the famous expert in telematics and IoT. I will not hesitate to say: even then, 20 years ago, we believed that with our knowledge and desire to change the world for the better, we could turn Gurtam into a world-renowned and reliable provider of high-quality telematics solutions.

However, every time we list all the trophies of the company, we are never tired of being surprised that we have succeeded and keep on doing it to this day. We thank everyone who put their knowledge and soul into making this journey a stellar one. More is coming!

Why Gurtam?

We have earned trust

20 years on the international market, more than 3.7 million units are tracked only via the Wialon platform

It's safe with us

Our data centers certification covers all aspects of information security

It's convenient with us

24/7 technical support in several languages will help you solve an issue of any complexity

Evolve with us

Training, marketing support, conferences, and other events to enhance your expertise

Our team

We are a team of dedicated professionals who use their experience and knowledge to create and promote telematics products every day. To do it even more effectively, we are glad to welcome new experts into our ranks, help them fulfill their potential, and contribute to the common cause.

Gurtam means together