Gurtam People

Use your talents wisely with Gurtam

We attract diverse specialists who share the common goal of utilizing their talents to produce valuable products. Work collaboratively towards this goal, embracing the diversity of opinions as an asset rather than trying to enforce standardization.

Make sure that the work becomes more enjoyable day by day. Encourage each employee to take pride in their contribution towards ambitious goals and achievements.

Gurtam team

Core values

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We're all in this together, feeling the difference we make.

We can see our efforts shaping the reality we all share, and we always aim to fit into a bigger picture — whether it's within a team, a community, or the world at large.

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Our partners are using our products to transform people's daily lives in 150 countries.

From improving taxi and food delivery services to influencing farmers' yields and reducing environmental impacts — the power to change is in your hands.

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We're spread across offices in 4 countries, speaking many languages and bringing unique backgrounds to the table.

This diversity fuels our creativity and helps us find working solutions by embracing various perspectives.

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We're a bunch of reasonable souls who can't stand mindless tasks and love hunting for new ideas.

True experts, we believe, grasp the entire landscape, so we've fostered an environment for experiments, inspiring everyone to keep work far from dullsville.

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We encourage a culture of support, genuine connection, and minimal fuss. No need to wait for formal meetings. Pitch your ideas over coffee in the kitchen and be heard.

We respect personal space, hype each other up, and many of the friendships we make at work last for years.

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Our culture

We're a team of cohesive experts with a broad perspective and a big heart. We're always eager to learn from each other, care about what we do, and see our projects as prime opportunities to make a difference.

Here, our people build authentic team spirit. We value the richness of our diverse cultures and the ways in which they elevate our work. We strongly believe that this approach is the cornerstone for creating meaningful and impactful products.

Company perks and benefits

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Health insurance

We offer full health insurance coverage, including dental and vision plans.

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Balanced work culture

Experience a work environment that values your needs as highly as it does achieving goals, all without time or location tracking.

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Flexible time off

Enjoy the freedom of taking time off when you need it.

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Learning & development

Financial support for training and specialized courses.

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Family-friendly policy

Put your loved ones first with paid paternity leave and additional benefits for parents.

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Bonding experience

Join team-building events and become part of a fun and supportive work environment.

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Online counseling

Access 20 fully-covered online therapy sessions from the first day of work.

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Company gifts

Receive corporate presents and company swag that you'll actually use in your daily life.

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