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History of Gurtam company

Gurtam is a global software development company that specializes in creating fleet management solutions for diverse niches and businesses, leveraging telematics and IoT technologies. It is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, and has offices in Boston, Dubai, and Tbilisi. With over 20 years of experience in the market, Gurtam has established itself as a leading player in the industry with a robust portfolio of products designed to meet diverse business needs. The company's solutions are Wialon, flespi, and GPS-Trace.

2024 January

Hardware AI assistant

flespi has developed an AI-powered tool for assistance in dealing with telematics hardware. Gurtam pioneered the work with generative AI that uses all our hardware expertise accumulated over the years and provides users with an innovative and efficient consulting tool.

2023 September

Premier flespi conference in Vilnius, Lithuania

In 2023, flespi held its first offline conference, attracting over 100 attendees from around the globe for a day. Following the successful Telematics Vilnius 2022 conference, this gathering further established Gurtam's role in creating a global telematics hub in Lithuania.

2022 December

Confirming ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications

Since 2017, Gurtam has held ISO 9001 certification, and since 2020, ISO/IEC 27001 certification has affirmed its commitment to information security by implementing ISO best practices across the organization. In 2022, Gurtam reconfirmed both certifications and integrated them into a common Integrated Management System, demonstrating that its quality and information security systems comply with world standards.

2022 November

Gurtam's 20th anniversary

Gurtam turned 20, marking an important milestone in its journey from a family-run startup to a global industry leader. Within two decades, the company has expanded to four offices: Vilnius (Lithuania), Boston (USA), Dubai (UAE), and Tbilisi (Georgia), with over 320 employees working worldwide.

2022 March

Gurtam leaves the Russian market

In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Gurtam closed its offices in Moscow and Minsk and discontinued operations in Russia.

2021 April

Gurtam relocated its HQ to Vilnius, Lithuania

Gurtam launched a new office in the EU. As Europe is one of Gurtam's key markets, the new Vilnius office was opened to ensure more fruitful cooperation with the European partner community. Together with this, the office became the company's HQ.

2020 August

Gurtam was named one of the best among the leading commercial telematics vendors in the world

Market research company ABI Research announced Gurtam as one of the world's top implementers of telematics solutions.

2019 July

TelematiX: 10th-anniversary partner conference

The TelematiX conference gathered over 500 participants from around the world, solidifying Gurtam's leading position in the industry and fostering a strong Wialon partner community.

2019 July

The renewed GPS-Trace platform was released

Gurtam released a renewed GPS-Trace platform, which would later lead to the development of easy-to-use GPS-tracking applications such as Ruhavik, Petovik, and Foreguard.

2018 September

Establishment of the data center in the USA

The new Tier III certified data center in the USA guarantees the stable operation of Gurtam's cloud-based solutions for overseas partners, even under extreme load.

2017 March

flespi release

Gurtam created the flespi platform, a PaaS backend that can ingest telematics data from any hardware, analyze and enrich it, as well as transfer it to telematics platforms, thus enabling powerful IoT applications.

2016 February

Dubai office

After reaching the milestone of 100 countries, the company targeted the Middle East. Gurtam opened a new office in Dubai to strengthen its position in this rapidly developing region.

2014 June

Wialon Local release

Gurtam launched Wialon Local, an advanced server-based solution that combines the advantages of a cloud product with hosting it on a client’s server.

2013 July

Boston office

The Boston office was established to extend Gurtam's international presence. The local team boosted the company's presence in the markets of both American continents.

2010 November

Telematics 2010

Gurtam held the first partner conference for the growing Wialon community, establishing a tradition of holding the partner conference annually ever since.

2009 January

Release of the Wialon cloud-based version

It is when the present-day version of Wialon appeared: available in SaaS mode and administered from the Wialon data center in the Netherlands. The company's staff amounted to only 10 people back then.

2007 September

GPS-Trace release

GPS-Trace was released as a non-commercial tracking service for personal use as opposed to Wialon, a B2B and desktop software solution.

2006 September

Wialon release (beta version)

Wialon Beta 1 featured an open-source framework introducing core system functionality such as online monitoring, reports, notifications, and Google Maps support. While it wasn't perfect, it represented a promising solution in its initial stages.

2002 January

The company foundation

Gurtam was founded in 2002 in Minsk, Belarus, and began taking its first steps in creating software for GPS tracking. Since then, such telematics software solutions as Wialon, flespi, and GPS-Trace have appeared in the company's portfolio and have rightfully taken their place among the industry’s world leaders.