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Gurtam to quit the market in Russia

Date icon 09 March, 2022
Person icon Denis Grebennikov
Gurtam to quit the market in Russia
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On March 6, 2022, Gurtam announced the decision to suspend sales of Wialon and flespi in Russia. Today, we provide the details and explain what this decision means for Gurtam and our Russian partners.

As stated previously, we at Gurtam stand against any form of military aggression or invasion of other countries’ territory. We are against human lives being taken and systems being devastated. In this regard, we no longer see the possibility of continuing our presence in Russia and thus supporting the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. We strongly believe that our decision will hasten the day when peace is restored. 

Following the decision, we terminate our contracts for Wialon and flespi in Russia beginning March 9. Moreover, we stop all the negotiations regarding upcoming deals. Suspending Gurtam activities on the Russian market will be held within the framework of legal requirements, and terms and conditions provided in our current partner contracts. 


Aliaksei Shchurko
CEO and Chief Gurtam Architect

“I am sure there’s nothing more important than human life. Any business can be restored, but those killed will never be back. That’s why, I hope the decision to leave the Russian market will bring closer the war suspension and save at least some lives which are priceless.”

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Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Сhief Wialon Officer

“Although this is an uneasy step, we do stop our sales in Russia, the country where we have been leading the market with more than a million of commercial vehicles connected to Wialon. In doing so, we will conduct the procedures in a way so that our partners and users in Russia won’t be put in a corner. We have been sharing close relations with thousands of them for years.

I wish we had a way to influence the situation without affecting our partners in Russia. Unfortunately, it’s not possible.”

Gurtam will continue to operate as usual, providing exceptional performance and data security for our partners all over the globe, excluding Russia. As always, we guarantee the stability of our servers located in the Netherlands and the US. Above all, the teams of Wialon and flespi will continue working to deliver solutions that make the world a safer and better place.

We support our partners in Ukraine and stand in solidarity with those who are fighting for peace and justice today. The company has already provided support to the Ukrainian partner community by waiving their payments for Wialon Hosting for at least 6 months and offering to upgrade their Wialon Local licenses to the latest version for free.

Should you have ‌questions regarding the topic, please refer to

 Denis Grebennikov
Denis Grebennikov

Denis is the Head of Business Development Center in Wialon. It is a large international department that builds solid relationships with the Wialon community in 150 countries around the world.