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Gurtam and the current situation in Eastern Europe

Date icon 01 March, 2022
Person icon Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Gurtam and the current situation in Eastern Europe
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Today, we’re answering the numerous questions of our partners and colleagues in light of the current situation in Eastern Europe and the world. We understand that our position is important for you, so we describe it in this article.

Gurtam’s position

Gurtam is an international company with 6 offices on different continents, and its flagship product, Wialon, is used in more than 150 countries worldwide, which explains our political neutrality. The products and solutions we deliver are meant to make the world more convenient, effective, and safe.

In this regard, we strongly stand against the military aggression and invasion of the other countries’ territory. Any military conflict harms people, businesses, and infrastructures. As an international company, we align with the following statement: the absence of military threats and violence is one of the crucial conditions for partnership and growth.

Gurtam knows this because of the 2020 dramatic political events in Belarus, with many people and businesses badly hurt. These violent events were one of the reasons we moved our head office from Minsk to Vilnius, Lithuania. The majority of Gurtam’s employees are Belarusians, and they are now grieving because their country was dragged into the international conflict without their consent. For our team members, the current events now are not just media, news, or corporate issues but a new harsh reality of their lives.

Support for clients and partners

We always stay connected with the Wialon partners and are watching the dynamic of the countries they are working in. We’re doing this, among other matters, to help them overcome the crises and offer support options; partners from Myanmar, Lebanon and Ukraine have already experienced that. In 2020, after the pandemic unfolded, all the partners got the opportunity to use the relief plan options.

Today, Gurtam has taken measures to help the Wialon partners in Ukraine preserve and later revive their businesses and their clients' businesses as soon as possible. From Feb 24, we waive their payments for Wialon Hosting for at least 6 months, and offer to upgrade their Wialon Local licenses to the latest version for free.

Support was also offered to our clients who use flespi and GPS-Trace.

Final note

We hope that this article has answered the questions that might have appeared in the current situation. Please do send us an email if you’d like to receive additional comments.

Thank you!

Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Aliaksandr Kuushynau

Aliaksandr is the Head of Wialon who has been together with Gurtam for over 12 years by now. He works out the commercial and product development strategies of Wialon defining what the platform will eventually look like.