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Gurtam launches a new office in Vilnius

Date icon 27 April, 2021
Person icon Anastasiya Eroho
Gurtam launches a new office in Vilnius
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A short while ago, we released a new version of Wialon Local, announced the start of the IoT project of the year and another record number of units on Wialon. To complete the set of newsbreaks, here is one more important piece of news that gives an extra impulse to the company’s development on the European market.

We officially launched a new Gurtam office, this time – in Vilnius. The new office in Lithuania keeps building up the company’s distributed development model, which means that from the company where key processes were all tied up in Minsk we are switching to greater independence of our regional offices. It helps Gurtam be more flexible when it comes to the market challenges, consider the specific character of such challenges, communicate more clearly with the regional partners as well as simplify legal and accounting issues for all the parties involved.

Vilnius office

The new office is located in Technopolis Ozas with a bunch of other tech companies from the IT-sphere. The representatives of different departments of the company will work in Vilnius: management, business development, R&D, administration. The office will accommodate about 50 professionals.

Head of Wialon Division

Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Head of Wialon Division

Together with already existing offices, our physical presence in Vilnius will become another major point of attraction for talented team members who develop, support and promote the leading telematics and IoT products. Our move to Vilnius is aimed at raising the company’s stability and being closer to the European part of the partner community as it is one of the key markets providing for at least 20% of our business. Many of our friends, hardware manufacturers of global renown, are actually from Lithuania. An excellent technology basis has already been created here. That’s why we are looking forward to developing in this region.

The company’s Minsk office remains the major development center for Gurtam products.

As for Vilnius, we have already held several business meetings there and are happy to invite all the partners to come over. The address is Technopolis Ozas, Ozo 12A, Vilnius, LT-08200 Lithuania. And don’t forget about the coronavirus precautions!

Vilnius team

Why we chose Vilnius

Chief Gurtam Architect

Aliaksei Shchurko
Chief Gurtam Architect

What are the reasons for choosing this location? There are several of them.

Firstly, in Lithuania, there are all the necessary conditions for the development of a high-tech business, starting from tax load and finishing with simplified conditions of obtaining work visas.

Secondly, we had an office in Kaunas before, which made solving many administrative questions easier.

Besides, we have been initially considering the European jurisdiction, and some of our big partners work there. Logisticswise, it’s also a good option – only a 3-hour drive to Minsk.

Lithuania will become the sixth Gurtam office. Right now our team of more than 270 people works in Minsk, Moscow, Boston, Buenos Aires, and Dubai.

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Anastasiya Eroho
Anastasiya Eroho

Anastasiya is the Head of the Marketing Department at Gurtam. Her 8 years of experience in marketing and communications, content, user acquisition, and market research allow her to grow complex technical B2B products through building professional communities.