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We made it: the new product by Gurtam to be released in March

Date icon 09 March, 2017
Person icon Kirill Yakynin
We made it: the new product by Gurtam to be released in March
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Over 13 years of telematics software development solutions by Gurtam were ahead of their time. By continuously bringing Wialon platform to perfection, we made no doubt that the experience will materialize into the new type of product. And we created flespi platform a back-end solution with maximum flexibility, speed, and adaptability to proudly deliver it “From Developers to Developers”.

The platform was engineered as a set of modules: data reception and unification, specific distributed cloud storage system, data processing analytics. The launch of flespi gateway marks the first step of flespi platform release and unveils some of its core features:

 Cutting-Edge Technologies

PaaS model with usable REST API , IPv6 support, HTTPS security, TCP/UDP/SMS connection capabilities, stable methods for data transfer with data loss prevention mechanisms

 Bidirectional Buffered Communication with Telematic Devices

Parsing of incoming messages into unified JSON format and sending of outgoing commands to devices once they are connected

Diagnostic Tools

REST API to access channels and connection logs with a possibility to establish direct terminal connection to a device

Various Protocols Support

Deep telematics market experience resulting in hundreds of partnership relations with tracking hardware manufacturers worldwide and the largest quantity of devices supported in Wialon, which allow us to provide unified connection to almost any device on the market.

Client-Centered Approach

Dedicated IP and ports for channels free of charge for development and testing purposes, and clearly scalable pricing model for advanced commercial experience

 High Availability

istributed multi-server solution designed to accept millions of connections and operate under extreme load guarantees 99.9% of system uptime

What you get?

As flespi platform is designed to facilitate development and commissioning processes, you would benefit from the product if:

 - you are a BI software developer requiring integration of telematic data into your application: we provide you with convenient backend services designed specifically for telematics data processing, which allows you to primarily focus on your business logic and just use this data. 

- you are a telematics software developer: flespi platform allows you to connect all possible devices on the market to your software via unified API. A larger set of connected devices will bring you more customers among system integrators. Moreover, flespi platform gives you the possibility of extremely high cost reduction in hardware integration due to simple and predictable pricing model. 

- you develop telematics or IoT hardware: your product can take all the benefits of affordable and unified data transfer and management service. You can connect your hardware to a larger quantity of telematics software types via simple REST API, which is way more easy to implement comparing to direct TCP connections or UDP datagrams between devices and the software.

On March, 20-24 flespi will be presented at Cebit 2017 for the first time ever. Meet us in Hall 12, Booth B21 to learn more about flespi and its further development firsthand. We offer free test period several months after flespi gateway release and will be looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.

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Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin

Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.