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Gurtam is the leading fleet management software provider in Eastern Europe

Date icon 21 May, 2020
Person icon Leonid Losich
Gurtam is the leading fleet management software provider in Eastern Europe
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Berg Insight research agency announced Gurtam to be the leading fleet management software provider in Eastern Europe, CIS, and Russia.

According to the researchers, Gurtam is among the TOP 10 telematics players in the North and South Americas, the UAE, and is also well represented in Europe.

Berg Insight has already published a summary of its Fleet Management – World 2020 research. As stated in it, Gurtam has more than a million vehicles connected to its GPS tracking platform Wialon in Eastern Europe, the CIS, and Russia, which makes the company the market leader there.

“We value the trust of our clients, so we keep improving Wialon, our flagship product, developing new niche solutions, helping our partners build their business, and supporting them. Gurtam has been the leader in our “domestic” region for several years and is actively expanding in others. It means we are on the right track here,” says Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon Division.

Commercial transport plays an essential role in the economy of the CIS and Eastern European counties. There are a total of about 10 million heavy commercial vehicles and 16 million light commercial vehicles in the region.

Historically, in Russia and other countries of the region, large businesses tend to use in-house server-side software for fleet management. While small and medium-sized companies use subscription-based SaaS-solutions. Nowadays, this tendency is changing.

“Many server-based solutions are rapidly getting out-of-date, as they were developed long ago. At the same time, business demands are growing. No wonder people search for more functional and up-to-date substitutes. We expect Wialon to become that substitute, as it is already the number one solution in the region,” Aliaksandr Kuushynau believes.

The company’s flagship product is Wialon, the platform for GPS tracking and IoT with over 2.4 million connected units worldwide. In Russia, about 1.1 million vehicles are connected to both server and cloud versions of the platform. According to Berg Insight, Wialon covers over half of all vehicles being tracked through telematics platforms in Russia.

Leonid Losich
Leonid Losich

Leonid is a PR Manager at Gurtam who develops the strategy of the brand promotion to the new and existing markets. He also shapes and works on the company’s image as well as the images of its flagship products.