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Wialon-based solutions developers

Do you need more than basic Wialon functionality can provide? Do you have projects that require customized solutions? Do you need third-party integrations? It’s not a problem. Wialon SDK allows creating customized solutions and integrating with other specialized systems.
Wialon-based applications provided by our partners have already been applied in various business areas, from vehicle tracking to agriculture. They help to solve end-users’ issues at a more detailed level.
And thanks to the Wialon community, partners from all over the world exchange their Wialon-based developments and apply ready-made solutions.
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Wialon-based solutions developers
Wialon-based solutions developers

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These partners have sufficient expertise and are ready to deliver their services for Wialon integrations, third-party services, app development, and customized solutions based on our platform. Choose the most relevant company and submit your development request right now.

AdvTrace Sp. z o. o.

AdvTace develops software for the following platforms: Web applications, Android, iOS, tvOS, Windows UWP and MacOS using common code. We have ready to use and proven to work libraries to integrate the app with Wialon thus robust product and fast development is guaranteed.


The development of mobile and web-applications, dashboards, CMS.

Ares Sun

Custom web apps, web services and integrations with third-party apps.

AVS Solutions

Developments of web services, custom web and mobile apps, also integrations with third-party apps.


The developement of solutions for other partners.

Dogo Informatique

Integrations with third-party apps and web services.


Analysis and development of custom web and mobile applications, custom APIs (Web Services), integration with any third-party applications and systems.
Middle East

SDK and API benefits

Wialon SDK (Software Development Kit) is a kit that allows software developers to create customized applications based on the Wialon platform.

Take advantage of the SDK and the open API opportunities to:
  • provide your projects with the Wialon platform functionality;
  • integrate your solution with Wialon;
  • develop customized telematics solutions with high-quality code.
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Wialon-based solutions developers
Wialon-based solutions developers
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