Gurtam Team


Gurtam is a team of dedicated professionals. We use our experience and knowledge so that partners can fully implement their telematic business ideas and projects of their clients. Our experts help solve any issues and find the most appropriate individual solution in every case.

To perform work at a high level and meet regional specifics, separate departments and teams are responsible for the development, support, and promotion of our products. We also have an R&D department for the research and development of innovative technologies and solutions.

Gurtam Executive Management

Gurtam Team
Aliaksei Shchurko
CEO & Co-founder, Chief Gurtam Architect
With the success of our customers’ businesses being an important goal, we help our partners to grow actively and be profitable. It’s about growing together. Our strongest internal value is the people who make the history of the company with their own hands, devote years of their lives to the company and help change the world for the better. At least a little bit.
Gurtam Team
Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Chief Wialon Officer, Head of Wialon Division
Wialon division is the largest division in Gurtam, which develops and promotes the company’s main product. The tasks of the Chief Wialon Officer include building a commercial and product development strategy, tactical and strategic planning, as well as coordination of the work of departments within the division and communication with key customers.

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