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Aliaksei Shchurko
CEO & Co-founder, Chief Gurtam Architect
In Belarusian Gurtam means “together”. This word perfectly describes our company – from the very beginning, when there were just three people in the company, to now, with more than 230 employees and our offices located on three continents. With the success of our customers’ businesses being an important goal, we help our partners to grow actively and be profitable. It’s about growing together. Our strongest internal value is the people who make the history of the company with their own hands, devote years of their lives to the company and help change the world for the better. At least a little bit.
Aliaksandr Kuushynau
Chief Wialon Officer, Head of Wialon Division
Wialon division is the largest division in Gurtam, which develops and promotes the company’s main product. The tasks of the Chief Wialon Officer include building a commercial and product development strategy, tactical and strategic planning, as well as coordination of the work of departments within the division and communication with key customers.
Sergey Vinnikov
Chief Administrative Officer
The Administration Department provides administrative support to the Head and remote offices and coordinates their work. We create the infrastructure for successful business management taking into account the laws and regulations in various regions of our presence. Every day, our specialists communicate with clients from different countries to resolve financial and workflow issues. We are involved into all transactions from contract development to account monitoring and deal with great variety of tasks from workflow automation solutions to visa support for clients and guests of our company.


The Development Center is a team of analysts, testers, developers, designers and HW-specialists. We are responsible for the full development cycle of the platform and products based on Wialon Hosting and Local, niche (Logistics / NimBus) and mobile solutions (WiaTag / Wialon Mobile). We also support new devices in the system and ensure Wialon data center stability and proper operation of internal resources.

Denis Strakh
Head of Development Center

Technical Consulting provides technical support to Wialon users and deal with the most complex requests initially processed and selected by Support 24/7 specialists. Besides, our training specialists conduct online sessions and webinars, and our cartography specialists update Gurtam Maps. The department also works on and takes the role of the Knowledge Center of Wialon.

Yuliya Komarova
Head of Technical Consulting

Technical support is available 24/7 in all time zones and regions. We provide tech support in Russian, English and Spanish. Every day we collect information about the system and its operation, and improve our qualification to solve any of your problems – write to us, call or leave a message in the online chat on the site.

Artiom Romanovskiy
Head of Support 24/7
The Marketing Department promotes Gurtam products all over the world. We study competitors, explore markets, build communication with partners, supervise the development of the company's web resources, participate in international exhibitions and partner conferences. In addition, we help Wialon integrators to grow with us, providing them with marketing support.
Anastasiya Eroho
Head of Marketing Department

Our department is responsible for business development in the Russian Federation and the CIS. This market is extremely valuable for our company as Wialon made its first steps there. Wialon in the CIS today has more than 1.5 million monitoring objects, a professional partner community, as well as an experienced team of specialists who are ready to resolve any issue of our clients.

Denis Grebennikov
CIS Business Development Director

We work with Gurtam partners in more than 113 countries, increasing the presence of Wialon in the international market and establishing a financial framework for a stable growth of the company. Constant communication with clients, reliable planning of sales and drive to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation have been providing us with a positive dynamics of connections and a high level of partner loyalty.

Olga Filonchuk
International Sales Direсtor
The Sales department for the Americas exists from 2013 and consists of two offices – one is located in Boston, USA, the other one is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There are 12 employees in the department who actively promote our software product in the telematics market of North and South America.
Sergei Leuchanka
Managing Director, Americas

The Buenos Aires office is of strategic importance to the company in our efforts to have a closer relationship with the Latin American world. It allows us to be closer to our partners, in their same time zone, understanding their culture, the differences from country to country, speaking their language and supporting them in their businesses.

Esteban Hunt
Head of Business Development, Latin America
Our Moscow office represents our company’s interests in the Russian Federation. We help to organize business processes in this territory in accordance with the existing legislation. For this purpose, Wialon server center has been located and put into operation in Moscow, which allows our partners to organize hosting services for state and municipal enterprises and organizations.
Ludmila Shchurko
Managing Director, Russia

HR department takes care of the company’s core value – employees. We are responsible not only for recruiting, adaptation, training and development of new employees, but also for social support, information sharing and internal communications of our specialists. We work on maintaining the company’s corporate culture and promote an attractive image of the company as an employer.

Nastassia Sachenka
Head of HR Department

The department creates IT-infrastructure of the office and provides user support to employees.
We ensure the operability of the hardware and operation of the company's information resources, provide technical support and advice.
The tasks of our specialists include creation of the information security system, optimization of information flows and new software deployment.

Matvey Tokmakov
Head of IT Department

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