Coronavirus effect on global transportation

Coronavirus effect on global transportation

Interactive map: changes in the commercial vehicles’ mileage across countries

Gurtam launched the global research project on the monitoring of the changes in commercial vehicles’ mileage. It allows assessing the COVID-19 impact on the transportation industry in different countries of the world.

The most recent statistics on the mileage of trucks, light commercial vehicles, and agricultural machinery is mapped and daily compared to those obtained for the relatively calm epidemiologic period.

The project was completed. The data below was collected within the period from February 2020 to August 2020.

Coronavirus effect on global transportation

Method of calculation

The interactive map uses the anonymized data from more than 1.4 million vehicles connected to the Wialon Hosting platform by Gurtam.

The reference value (taken as 100%) is the average daily mileage of all vehicles tracked within the country from January 13, 2020, till February 2, 2020.

We compare the number of kilometers traveled over the past week within the given country against the reference value and present the result as a percentage value.

The data is updated daily. All the calculations are performed on the dedicated flespi servers.

How to use the map

Red values mean that the mileage in these countries has dropped, green ones mean that the mileage has gone up, and grey color indicates insufficient data.

By clicking on the country, you can view the graphs of changes in the units’ total mileage in this country starting from January 13 as well as reference values.

You can filter countries by the minimum weekly mileage and view the historical data with the help of the date slider.

When using or citing the interactive map’s data, the link to is required. The data is provided "as is" and is intended for information purposes only. Gurtam and flespi assume no responsibility for anonymized data of Wialon Hosting users.