Gurtam Technical Support Regulations

Technical support is available to all users of Gurtam products.

Company products are mainly Wialon GPS Tracking and Fleet Management systems, but also other products by Gurtam.

The technical support is provided in the following languages: English, Russian and Spanish.

Technical support is provided via the following channels:

Gurtam technical support works for you 24/7, rendering qualified services and consultations.

Requests on the devices configuration as well as questions on the maps are processed separately. Such issues are handled on weekdays, 9:00 - 18:00 GMT+3. The Spanish-speaking support is provided on weekdays, 15:00 - 24:00 GMT+3.

When sending a ticket to Gurtam technical support service a customer (user) should specify the following information:

  • name and version of the product you use;
  • a detailed issue description;
  • particular items relating the issue (unit, report template, time interval, etc.);
  • actions that caused the problem;
  • it is advisable to attach screenshots, graphic explanations and log files.

In order to solve the issue in a timely manner the customer (user) should follow all the recommendations of technical support specialists and provide the necessary additional information.

One ticket should contain only one question. If there are several issues, a separate ticket should be created for each of them.

A ticket is considered as handled and preliminary closed after sending a response to the customer.

After resolving the issue the customer can evaluate the quality of specialist’s replies by assigning rating on a scale from 1 to 5 and leaving a comment in GHS, following the relevant link at the end of supporter’s message.

To contact the Head of Technical Support Service, please, write to

Regulations and its annexes can be changed, set out in a new edition. Changes in the Regulations and its annexes are obligatory for the users from the moment Gurtam posted them on its website.

The customer undertakes to ensure the use of electronic correspondence in the GHS by authorized persons only, to ensure the confidentiality of information received from Gurtam.

All the messages sent to (received from) the specified e-mail of a client are acknowledged as received from (sent to) the customer. All responsibility for losses, other adverse consequences caused by the illegal usage of specified e-mail address are borne by the customer.

Services and terms of their rendering

Services / terms of rendering Start Premium Unlimited
Query response time 8 hours4 hours4 hours
Issues, concerning Wialon macro and micro elementsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Issues, concerning converting and placing maps for the WebGIS serverAvailableAvailableAvailable
Placing new maps of supported formatsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Supporting scripts relevance (incoming data decomposition algorithms) for supported hardware typesAvailableAvailableAvailable
Consulting on Wialon server products functionality, related to administration issuesAvailableAvailableAvailable
Setting up modems for working with Wialon server productsN/AN/AAvailable
Configuring backup for Wialon server solutionsN/AN/AAvailable
In case of Wialon server solutions failureRecommendations on restoringRecommendations on restoringAfter crush recovery
Diagnostics of the current Wialon Pro server functioningN/AN/AAvailable
Diagnostics of the current Wialon Pro functioningBased on log files analysisBased on log files analysisAvailable
Log files management, setting up logrotate, nginx, iptables, postfix automatic administrator’s scripts (cron) synchronizing time for Wialon Pro serverN/AN/AAvailable
Wialon Pro configuration setting upN/AN/AAvailable
Wialon Pro license renewal, related to the license increase and functional expansionN/AN/AAvailable

The response time is counted beginning from the last received message of a customer.

All server administration issues within the support level Unlimited are handled only after the ssh access is provided.