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Python Developer

Lithuania (Vilnius)


  • Supporting and conducting technical meetings with the team.
  • Helping to set goals for the team, as well as tracking technical progress.
  • Designing architecture, implementing technical research, testing product hypotheses.
  • Participating in quarterly planning, involving the team in the planning process.
  • Decomposition and evaluation of tasks.
  • Deciding how to technically implement tasks and objectives.
  • Technical analysis, planning module structure according to business requirements.
  • Code writing and review. Writing unit tests. Code refactoring. 

We expect:

  • Experience in managing a team or mentoring several engineers at the same time from 2 years.
  • Confident knowledge of Python 3.
  • Fluent level of English and Russian.
  • Experience with one of the web frameworks (FastAPI, Tornado, Aiohttp).
  • Experience with SQL/NoSQL/NewSQL databases.
  • Self-discipline and learnability.

How our work processes look like

The Engineering department is organized according to the principle of a matrix structure:

  • we have functional departments (for example, Front-End, QA, Backend, etc.), which allows us to accumulate expertise within the department, regardless of what projects and tasks team members work on, as well as develop common standards for work.
  • each functional department has a Team Lead, who is responsible for both the department's employees and the quality of decisions, and also helps with the distribution of employees to projects.
  • all employees of the engineering department can be involved in either one or several projects and conduct their daily activities together with FrontEnd and Backend engineers, QA engineers, product managers and business analysts (we never limit communications and any employee can freely talk to anyone in the company).
  • we strive for standardized processes (now it is an agile development), so that when a project changes, there is no need to additionally understand the question "how does the development process work on this project?".
  • we practice moving employees between projects within our product, but we always take into account the opinion and workload of each engineer.
  • in addition to project activities, there are also activities within functional departments to maintain standards and keep abreast of plans for the future.

Expectation from a probation period:

  • Learning the basics of the product (structure, API, basic functionality).
  • Adaptation to work processes and team.
  • Active interaction with the team to resolve work issues.
  • Active interaction with PdM & BA on technical and product issues.
  • Independent support of the Python team on basic points (code review, knowledge sharing, assistance in assessing and decomposing tasks, holding team meetings).
  • In-depth study of the project and functionality.


Salary range 5000-6500 EUR gross, based on your experience and interview results

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