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Wireless tilt angle sensor Eurosens Degree Bt

12 April, 2021

The Eurosens Degree Bt wireless tilt angle sensor is designed to measure the angular position of parts and mechanisms relative to the gravity vector and transmit this data over a 2.4 GHz radio channel Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The sensor is self-powered from a built-in battery.

Degree bt3

The sensor is configured using a mobile application for Android. The sensor can be used in several modes.

1. General mode (measurement of angles and control of events)

In this mode, the following data are transmitted to the monitoring system via Bluetooth: Angle X, angle Y, angle Z, number of events, number of chains of events, temperature. In this mode, the sensor is convenient to use for counting the number of movements - for example, to register the number of container loads, manipulator movements, opening cargo compartment hatches.


It is important that the sensor internally determines the occurrence of an event (loading, opening the hatch) based on the specified settings. Thus, it is not necessary to transmit information about the angular position of the sensor at a high frequency in order to detect a server-side event. Together with the configurable “sleep” mode, this ensures long-term operation of the sensor from the built-in battery for several years.

In addition to simple events, the sensor can also detect chains of events - sequences of simple events.

2. "Concrete mixer" operating mode

The sensor is fixed on the outer surface of the mixer drum. In this mode, it measures the frequency and direction of rotation of the drum and transmits this information to the GPS tracker over BLE. Also, all events of the drum operation are recorded in the built-in memory of the sensor, and you can read it using a mobile application for Android.

Degree bt en  2   1

 3. Operating mode "Boom control"

In this mode, the sensor is focused on determining the actual operating time of the special equipment, taking into account the pauses allowed in the operation between the operation of the boom mechanism. The current status “in operation” - “not in operation” and the total operating time of the machine are transmitted to the GPS tracker over BLE.

boom monitoring en  1   1

Eurosens Degree BT sensor is compatible with the majority of the popular GPS trackers having Bluetooth BLE interface.


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