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TOPFLYtech LTE & GSM solar power asset tracker TLP1-SF

14 May, 2020

TOPFLYtech LTE & GSM solar power asset tracker TLP1-SF is designed for non-powered asset tracking. What makes it unique is the solar charging feature, which offloads the consumption of inner battery when there is sufficient sunlight. It is also well known for its rugged construction in the cases of unaware drop down. More importantly, the outstanding “Motion Detection” function is benefit to save energy and data consumption. Reporting intervals are automatically operated when the tracker is in motion, motionless, turning directions and distancing.

Highlight features

Highlight features

  • Solar Panel

For charging the tracker battery, which allows the tracker to work constantly as there is sufficient sunlight.

  • Battery

Rechargeable Li-Polymer 4800 mAh/3.7V

  • Motion Detection

Automatically adjust the reporting intervals for moving/standing still.

  • Waterproof IP67

Durable in extreme weather such as snowing & rainstorm.

  • Magnets/Screw mounting

Multiple ways of installation for different application with 100% stabilization.

Highlight features


  • Trailer tracking
  • Container tracking
  • Caravans 
  • Freight transport

If you have customers are in such a need, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer.


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