TOPFLYtech BLE Door & Temperature sensor TSDT1-B

13 August, 2020

TOPFLYtech BLE Door & Temperature sensor TSDT1-B is designed for the sake of security by sending out alarm to monitor the door status. What makes it unique is the BLE feature, it allows 2-way using on different scenarios. First, it could be paired with BLE trackers, sensor data is sent to server along with tracker data. Second, monitoring door status independently via our “TFTBLE” app.

Highlight features

Highlight features

  • Waterproof IP67. Durable in extreme weather such as snowing & rainstorm.
  • Replaceable Battery. Replaceable CR2 900mAh, 6-year battery life with 10 seconds report interval in default.
  • Temperature Environment. Temperature endurance ranges from -30 – 85 ℃ (-22 ℉ - 140 ℉)
  • BLE 

2-way of applications:

  1. Pair with BLE trackers. TSDT1-B could be paired with BLE trackers as a solution in tracking applications, such as cold chain project.
  2. Monitor the door status independently via “TFTBLE” app. Get reports straight to phone app via BLE with the transmission range of 300m.


  • Vehicle/truck door
  • Container door
  • House door
  • Room door

If you have customers are in such a need, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer.


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