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TLP2-SFB: Large Solar Tracker with BLE 5.0

6 August, 2021

TLP2-SFB is a solar powered asset tracker featuring 9600mAh/3.6V internal battery and highly efficient large solar panel. So for long term and remote deployments there’s no need for maintenance to replace or manually charge the battery. Comparing to battery tracker, the advantage is that it supports much more frequent location updates. In area with good level of sun, like the Americas, Australia, and Middle East it can easily report every 60s when moving and still maintain at a good battery level.


  • Real time and historical locations, frequent reporting, alerts and different intervals for moving/stop
  • IP67 waterproof, rugged construction. Designed for outdoor uses and rough environments
  • Magnet/screws mounting, easy installation
  • BLE 5.0 sensors (temp & humi sensor, door & temp sensor, wireless relay)
  • Removal alert, when the device is pulled off from asset, it will send an alert to platform.



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