Teltonika webinar: how to secure and optimize cold chain traceability

14 April, 2021

You are invited to Teltonika IoT Group and a long-term business partner ELA Innovations S.A co-hosted webinar – How to secure and optimize cold chain traceability.

ELA Innovation company has been developing over 20 years of industrial wireless beacons and sensors for many applications such as indoor/outdoor location of people and equipment, temperature and humidity monitoring, motion detection or magnetic contact.

The purpose of this online session is, together with industry experts, to discuss in more detail the new Bluetooth LE 4.X temperature probe sensor features, benefits and the most prominent use cases in the cold chain transportation to help your business grow in ‘the new normal’.


  • Cold chain traceability market overview by ELA Innovations.
  • The new temperature sensor dedicated to vaccines transportation by ELA Innovations.
  • A complete solution to secure vaccines transportation and distribution by Teltonika.
  • How do ELA's beacons and sensors meet the needs of telematics use cases.

ELA Innovations speakers: Willy Le Mercier (ELA Innovations France), Oliver Halsby (ELA Innovations France), Hugo Carloti (ELA Innovations Canada).

Teltonika speakers: Dan Keras (Teltonika Telematics), Osmandas Daugėla (Teltonika SAS), Tadas Litinskas (Teltonika Networks).

  • Date and time – 20.04.2021, 9:00 AM / 3:00 PM / 8:00 PM (GMT+3).
  • Duration – 45 min.
  • Language – English.

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