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SerVision’s Best-of-Breed Mobile Video Systems Are Now LIVE in Wialon

18 April, 2018

SerVision is pleased to announce that the IVG400-N, its flagship mobile NVR with the world’s best live streaming capabilities over cellular, are now supported in the Wialon tracking platform.  The fully integrated solution includes seamless access to SerVision’s SVDownloader, a professional offsite backup and storage server solution, and provides fleet managers, security personnel and business owners with an invaluable tool for managing and improving all aspects of fleet operations.  

On-demand live and historic video access enables Wialon users to link video evidence to any telematics-triggered event that occurs on the road.  This gives fleet operators maximum control and helps them protect drivers, passengers and mobile assets.  Live video verification and offsite/real-time video backup of important events (via SerVision’s SVDownlader) is essential for: 

  • Protecting and safeguarding companies when road accidents occur
  • Educating drivers and promoting better road safety practices
  • Preventing vehicle misuse and criminal activity
  • Providing valuable insights into operational inefficiencies
  • Enabling more effective, controlled and coordinated responses to emergency situations

The IVG comes with built-in GPS and a range of other features.  It can be installed as a fully functional stand-alone mobile video system, or as an add-on to any one of the 1,300 GPS tracking devices supported by Wialon.  Some of the key features of the integrated solution include:

  • Live GPS tracking and video streaming from any vehicle equipped with SerVision’s IVG400-N
  • On-demand access to video records stored on the IVG’s disk
  • Automated uploading of telematics or sensor-triggered video events to an off-site backup and storage server, along with the ability to stream and playback video in full HD quality video
  • Flag markers on the Wialon map GUI to indicate the occurrence of a telematics or sensor-triggered video event (i.e. Geofencing, G-force, Mobileye and more)
  • Real time user notifications accompanied by restricted URL links that provide temporary access to sensor-triggered video clips that were uploaded to the SVDownloader’s storage server

The IVG’s data sheet is available at this link. For additional information, and to learn more about becoming a SerVision partner, please contact

Since its establishment in 2000, SerVision has pioneered, developed and manufactured cutting-edge technology for road safety, transport security, and remote monitoring applications.Based in Jerusalem, Israel, SerVision has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.


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