Queclink + Technoton: Fuel Control Becomes Easier And More Cost-Effective

12 December, 2019

Queclink announces that GV300, one of our most classic and advanced vehicle tracking devices, is now compatible with fuel monitoring and control units DUT-E 232 and DFM 232 manufactured by Technoton, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of fuel monitoring and automotive telematics solutions for commercial fleets and stationary units. This means that our customers can connect and configure Technoton’s above-mentioned fuel flow meter and fuel level sensor to the Queclink GV300 in an easy and fast manner.

Fuel costs can account for one third of all fleet maintenance costs. Fuel level monitoring and control has long been one of the top concerns for fleet managers. The Queclink team, focused on driving customer value, has been working hard to make more powerful and efficient fuel control solutions available to our customers.

Queclink’s engineers worked closely with Technoton’s technical department to carry out a series of tests. Queclink GV300 in connection with Technoton’s fuel flow meter DFM 232 or fuel level sensor DUT-E 232 via the RS232 interface are guaranteed to provide accurate and full-function readings across the entire signal and temperature range.

Queclink GV300, widely being used in fleet management and logistics industry, has long proven itself to be a highly efficient and powerful vehicle tracking device. With 16 PIN interfaces, the device supports a wide variety of external accessories. The list is enriched with two excellent new members.

The Technoton DUT-E 232 fuel level sensor, working with a vehicle tracker like the Queclink GV300, supports real-time monitoring of fuel level and fuel theft alarm. The Technoton DFM 232 flow meter enables direct fuel consumption measurement and engine operation time monitoring, allowing for detecting fuel theft from fuel line, rationing and optimizing fuel consumption.

Besides GV300, Queclink GV75 and GV600 tracking devices are also compatible with the Technoton DUT-E 232 and DFM 232. And all the above-mentioned Queclink products can be connected to any fuel monitoring and control units which support LLS protocol.

Queclink and Technoton will continue to work together and bring more advanced telematics solutions available to our customers.


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