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Configurator updates: Modbus, Bluetooth and other features

26 August, 2020

New flexible work possibilities with peripherals via Modbus and Bluetooth have appeared in "Configurator" version 4.20.4, as well as expanded functionality of Easy Logic for working with geofences, authorized phones and external devices for determining coordinates.

In August, Galileosky developers released firmware 24.7 for Galileosky 7x devices and firmware 23.7 for Galileosky 7, Galileosky Base Block and Galileosky OBD-II unit ranges.

Set up your sensors via Modbus

Use new Modbus tab to configure sensors operation, relays and devices which support this protocol. Add devices easily, choose options for each and get instant data. Now it is more convenient to add comments in front of devices on the tab. This update is available for the new Galileosky 7x range.

Use Bluetooth to connect peripherals

Galileosky 7x, Galileosky 7x 3G, Galileosky 7x Plus trackers can now receive data from Escort and ELA Innovation wireless Bluetooth sensors and transmit them to the server. Use such sensors as wireless FLS, temperature, humidity, illumination, tilt angle, tags and others. Setting up sensors via Bluetooth is easy and fast. It is enough to search for the nearest devices on new Bluetooth tab in "Configurator", select the one you need, make settings and write parameters into the tag to send them to the monitoring server.

Set characteristics for different geofences

You can set up to four own characteristics for each geofence now. For example, it can be max or min speed, depth and direction of plowing in the agricultural sector, type of the crop, max time spent in the geofence or any others. With Easy Logic technology, you can customize any device reaction each of specified parameters.

Monitor device status

Now there is no need to parse the units’ status manually. External power supply, accelerometer response threshold, permissible tilt angle, SIM card availability and other parameters are displayed on Device tab in updated Configurator.

Moreover, authorized users will be able to control the presence of SD card and units’ connection via USB in Device Status section. This allows to check if the card was removed at a specific time or that device was connected locally to the PC to overview or change settings.

Set up Easy Logic algorithms with different phone numbers

There are no restrictions on working with authorized phones. Process any phone numbers in Easy Logic algorithm and create unique reactions with different numbers. For example, in case of incoming call to the devices’ number, one subscriber will receive an SMS with the device status in response, and the other will receive a limited set of data that depends on the access level. In addition, it became possible to know who and when called the device number. To do this, you can configure SMS sending to the employee, who is responsible for security.

If you use a list of corporate numbers that differ by one or two digits, then the algorithm can process such list as a group, applying one reaction to them. For example, opening and closing the entrance to the facility or enabling / disabling the counter during working hours. You can download, modify or delete phone numbers remotely using WebDav function or locally by saving a .txt file to the units’ external SD card.

Use coordinates from external devices

For Galileosky 7x, Galileosky 7 and Base Block unit ranges developers have made it possible to use coordinates from external devices. Thanks to Easy Logic technology, users can set values of latitude, longitude, altitude, speed and other geodata that they received from an external source. For example, CAN-bus of special equipment, which is characterized by accurate positioning. It is especially important when cultivating fields. When coordinates change, data will be transmitted to the unit automatically and be used as defining data.

In addition to new features, Galileosky 7 and Base Block devices now have the ability to set the connection with user servers and without using Galileosky protocol. This allows to exchange data with any platform without restrictions.

All the new functions will be available after firmware update.Check the changelog so you don't miss an important update.



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