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New firmware update for FMB family and FMB640 devices

7 February, 2020

The newest production firmware version for FMB9X0/FMB964/FMB1YX/FMB20X/FMB0X0/FMT100 devices in factory is 03.25.15Rev1. Key improvements include:

  • BLE beacons and sensors support added to base release
  • Autocalibration reworked and improved
  • On demand tracking feature added

A full list of changes and improvements can be found at Teltonika Wiki.

It is a great news if you use or plan to use Bluetooth functionalities, as the newest base firmware version has advanced BLE data stability improvements with BLE beacons and sensors functionality added.

Teltonika highly recommends to update firmware if you are already using BLE beacons and sensors. For further assistance, please contact your Teltonika sales manager.


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