Masafi Crushers uses Galileosky to control drivers

14 February, 2020

Masafi Crushers company uses Galileosky devices to monitor the fleet, automate and optimize transportation increasing the efficiency of internal processes and reducing the maintenance cost.

Masafi Crushers is a leading stone crushing company in the UAE. It supplies building materials to most countries in the Middle East. With the help of Galileosky tracking devices, the company controls the number of truck uploadings and daily trips.

Galileosky 7.0 units transmit a complete track of all 400 drivers and about 100 crushers. Using polygonal geofences Masafi Crushers monitors all the processes from loading to unloading in real time.

The project is based on programmable Galileosky 7.0 and Wialon software. The solution was integrated by En Route Technologies - a multinational organization in Dubai.

Maksim Revyakin, Head of Regional Development Department, Galileosky:

- This project is significant for us as it proves the equipment's effectiveness under difficult climatic conditions with constant heat. The use of our devices in the Middle East mining industry is one more recognition of our quality and high appreciation of Galileosky technologies by the market.



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