High-precision axle load sensor EUROSENS DSS

10 September, 2021

Axle load measurement on vehicles with a leaf spring suspension is probably the most challenging task in transport telematics. A new product from Mechatronics can do it.

DSS 1  1

The Eurosens DSS sensor is mounted directly on the vehicle axle. With an increase in the axle load, the axle bends, tensile or compression microstrains appear at the location of the sensor. They are measured by a sensitive strain gauge plate.

A built-in temperature sensor ensures measurement stability. The calibration is required after the sensor installation. After calibration the sensor transmits the value of the axle load in kilograms or tons with an error of 2% of the maximum axle load. The built-in microprocessor provides filtering and smoothing of the sensor readings.

Since Eurosens DSS is installed directly on the axle, the properties of the leaf spring affect neither the sensor readings nor leaf spring hysteresis.

The sensor supports up to 3 calibration tables for installation on closely spaced axles, so we can obtain three axle load values from a single sensor.

Eurosens DSS has a CAN interface and can be connected to popular GPS tracking devicess and Eurosens on-board displays.

Mechatronics new product provides completely new opportunities in one of the most demanded telematics sectors – axle load and cargo weight monitoring with high accuracy.

Source: mechatronics.by


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