GlobalSat LM-130E LoRa Module obtains LoRaWAN certification

24 March, 2016

GlobalSat Worldcom Corp (GlobalSat) said today that its LM-130E LoRa module has passed the LoRaWAN European compliance test by designated certification lab. GlobalSat LM-130E becomes the 1st LoRa module from Asia that has passed this compliant certification. Alpha Tsai, EVP of GlobalSat, said “We are glad to become compliant with LoRaWAN standard. Our company is the LoRa pioneer in Taiwan, a country that is known for its IT technologies. Having become certified by lab will help our customers to deploy their LoRa nodes and network easier across European countries.” GlobalSat is a LoRa Alliance Member since 2015 and has started LoRa technology development since it was first introduced to Asia.

GlobalSat is known for its GPS related products, such as GPS tracker and wearable GPS watches. Traditional GPS trackers rely on 2G/3G as the main communication carrier. High power consumption and wasted communication bandwidth are the major concerns for trackers. Meanwhile, WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee seems to find its fit in short-range and limited area coverage. LoRa communication technology turns out to be a good compensation for the gap. “The reason that we have spent a great effort to explore LoRa technology is triggered by its low power consumption, wide coverage, and much less communication charge.” said, Eddy Chen, VP of Marketing, “Since we started, the benefits of LoRa pop up and further attract more application opportunities from the market.

GlobalSat is aiming to cooperate with multiple Gateway and Network Service providers as the most compatible LoRaWAN module provider. Many inter-operability tests are completed while more are on-going to be tested by our partners. During Embedded World 2016 from Feb. 23 to 25th, GlobalSat has demonstrated a complete LoRaWAN eco-system using Kerlink Gateway and Actility Network Service, together with a CO2 sensor Node that has built-in LM-130E module. GlobalSat will soon release LoRaWAN compliant GPS Tracker LT-100H that can fit into object tracking under LoRa network.


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