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Galileosky releases new GPS-tracker OBD-II

28 May, 2019

Russian-based developer and manufacturer of GPS hardware Galileosky begins the mass production of the new compact GPS-tracker that plugs into vehicles OBD-II port – Galileosky OBD-II. The novelty combines functional opportunities for basic transport monitoring and driving style control as well as exclusive technologies Easy Logic and CAN Scanner.

It takes less than a minute to plug Galileosky OBD-II into any type of vehicle which has the corresponding OBD slot, which means zero installation costs.

Galileosky OBD-II allows to get not only stable online positioning, but also vehicle diagnostics data received automatically via J1939 and J1979 protocols, including vehicle speed, RPM, engine coolant temperature, mileage, fuel level, etc.

With the exclusive feature CAN Scanner it is possible to get even more vehicle parameters – all the data that can be found in the vehicle CAN-bus. The new device supports Easy Logic technology as well, so that users can create their own unique algorithms, for example sending an SMS to the driver about detected malfunction.

Galileosky OBD-II tracker amazes by its tiny size – perhaps the smallest OBD-tracker on the telematics market. The body is only 5 centimeters long, dimensions: 50 x 48 x 25 mm. In spite of small size, the device is powerful enough to solve complex monitoring tasks, fulfill proper vehicle diagnostics and control driving style thanks to Eco Driving function.

The new tracker is remarkable for its perfect track drawing and is able to operate without external power for more than an hour thanks to built-in battery. The device has light indication, two slots for Nano-SIM and Mini-USB, which allows to configure OBD-II tracker not only in the car, but also by computer in the office.


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