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Easy Logic now available to everyone

30 November, 2018

Easy Logic Technology is now available to all users without any limits. Upgrade “Configurator” program to the latest version 4.18.0 and after that, the Easy Logic tab will be displayed by default.

NDA signing is no longer required to create your own functionality for transport and assets monitoring and remote control. With Easy Logic algorithms you can: configure automatic notification for the driver about vehicle operation parameters and detected malfunction, remotely control the car central lock, determine the fuel supply limit for each driver, correct driving style in real time, make a secure vehicle engine locking and whatever you come up with.

If you don’t have experience in creating algorithms, you can start the Easy Logic Basic online course to get familiar with the interface and features. Using Easy Logic technology, you will be able to offer tailor-made solutions for your customers and solve tasks of any complexity level.


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