Galileosky developed data filter for tracker setting

13 October, 2017

New tab is added to the service program “Configurator”, designed for Galileosky tracker setting – filters, which allow you to convert the received data into the desired units of measurement.

The main advantage of the developed filter system is the choice of how and where to store the measured data. The received value can be stored inside the tracking device, and be converted before the transmission to the server.

If minor frequency deviation of the digital sensor is not of interest, you can send an average figure to the monitoring server. To determine the sharp frequency jumps, a highpass filter is suitable.

The calibration table built into the "Configurator" allows you to transfer any figures from one measurement scale to another. For example, to convert fuel level sensors frequency signal or nominal units into liters, the frequency – in the engine speed, the weight indicator figures – in tons, etc. By the way, one can easily download the calibration table from Wialon to “Configurator” or, upload vice versa.

A separate filter on the new tab is aimed for fuel sensors measurements. Thanks to it we can get the corrected readings, taking into account not only the level, but also the temperature and the type of fuel.

The new filter system is available for all Base Block and Galileosky 7 versions; the minimum required firmware is 17.


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