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ATrack Unveiling 4G LTE and LoRa GPS telematics products

10 March, 2016

ATrack Technology Inc., a global leading GPS telematics technology provider, will be unveiling the new AU7M(Lx) 4G LTE, AS1(RE) LoRa, and AP1 Cigar Lighter GPS tracker at CeBIT this year.

AU7M(LP) is the newly upgraded version of our flagship AU7 GPS vehicle telematics unit that utilizes 4G LTE CAT.4 cellular technology for real time transmission of vehicle, driver, sensors, and in-vehicle device data. It also offers an additional interface and communication channel through which external devices, such as a laptop or a tablet, can connect to and access the cellular network. The built-in Intelligent Event Control Engine offers flexible configurability for customizable and user-specified event trigger conditions and reporting behaviors. AU7M(LP) also has an optional J1939/FMS interface that can read vehicle ECU data parameters for companies who are looking to offer their customers with value added services beyond just fleet tracking.

AS1(RE) is the newly upgraded version of our battery-powered AS1 asset tracker and utilizes LoRa low power wireless networking protocol for two-way data communication. The data cost of LoRa is typically lower than 3G, even more so when compared to 2G, which makes deployments and total-cost-of-ownership significantly more economical. LoRa communication protocol also has much lower power consumption, which extends AS1(RE)’s battery life substantially longer than AS1. LoRa network is already in fast adoption in many European countries, and has existing infrastructure in selected US cities. ATrack is an official member of the LoRa Alliance.

AP1 is a Cigar Lighter GPS Tracker that offers plug & play installation and is universally compatible with gasoline, hybrid, and electric vehicles. In addition to real-time location tracking and reporting via options of 2G and 3G cellular technology, AP1 also has built-in capability to monitor and detect motion and impact events. There is also a built-in Emergency Button to alert a response center when drivers need urgent assistance.


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