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Gurtam spring initiative with planet-friendly approach

Date icon 22 April, 2024
Gurtam spring initiative with planet-friendly approach
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In the tech world, where the race to innovate can often seem disconnected from environmental concerns, Gurtam, one of the leading GPS software development companies, proves that technology and eco-friendly activity can go hand in hand. 

On a crisp spring morning, a few days ahead of the global Earth Day celebrated on April 22, Gurtam gathered for the team collaboration, now outside the HQ office. In commitment to social responsibility, the team planted about 1,100 trees in the Trakai district near Vilnius, Lithuania. This effort wasn't just about beautifying the landscape – Gurtam initiated the activity to ensure a lasting impact on the local ecosystem.

Trees Planting 5
Gurtam people getting instructions before the tree planting. 


Tech Roots in Green Boots

In the big picture, Gurtam stands not only to make commitments to telematics business but also to society. Thus, the recent activity underscored a broader vision of Gurtam — the one where technology serves a safer, more convenient, and more efficient world. More ecological as well. 

Roar (2)

"Despite the chilly weather we have today, the impact of planting these trees leaves a lasting warmth. For me, it is rewarding to work for Gurtam, a company that cares as much for the environment as it does for its software products advancements and partners’ community development."

Artiom Romanovskiy,
Head of Partner Growth team at Wialon

Gurtam teamed up with the Hold Earth initiative, a program designed to assist organizations of all sizes in helping to keep the planet green and healthy. The choice of diverse seedlings — birch, alder, pine, and spruce — was deliberate and aimed at promoting biodiversity, enhancing soil stabilization, and optimizing carbon sequestration. What’s more, the selected site was previously a degraded meadow, and now it is transforming from an underutilized area into a thriving forest.

Trees Planting 4

Team gathering results in evident achievement, not only in software development. 

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“It is so moving to have an opportunity for a footprint and, what is more, to have this effect multiplied with many colleagues joining today. We usually say that Gurtam products bring real value to businesses, and today, Gurtam people take real action for the sake of the local ecological system.”

Sandra Sokolnikaite,
Event & Culture Specialist

Connecting the World, One Tree at a Time

Gurtam's commitment to creating connections extends beyond its technological domain. The company fosters strong cooperation ties, mirrored in its collaboration with more than 2,600 partners and clients worldwide. Another partner of Gurtam, Benediktas Vanagas, a renowned Lithuanian rally racer, joined the tree-planting day as well to continue the cooperation that started earlier this year with Gurtam being the naming partner for Benediktas at Dakar 2024

Ds C07804

Benediktas Vanagas contributed immensely to the total of over 1,100 trees planted. 


The Impact

Gurtam's attention to the environment extends beyond tree planting. The company’s vehicle tracking solutions assist businesses in optimizing fuel consumption and streamlining route control, resulting in significant benefits – commercial and ecological. Also, Gurtam focuses on enabling CO2 emissions control through its flagship product, Wialon. There are two methods for reporting emissions in Wialon: a straightforward formula based on mileage or a customizable formula tailored to specific needs. This functionality not only aids compliance but also helps optimize routes, increase fuel efficiency, and promote eco-friendly driving habits. These enhancements support businesses in their sustainability goals while also boosting operational efficiency.

This supports compliance with new environmental regulations in Europe and also aids companies in becoming more fuel-efficient and cost-effective, demonstrating that Gurtam takes the requirements of nowadays seriously, be it technology or ecological sustainability.

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