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Gurtam goes Dakar 2024

Date icon 28 December, 2023
Gurtam goes Dakar 2024
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With two decades of ambition and hard work, we at Gurtam not only believe in our own dedication but also see it reflected in our partners throughout the entire telematics community. But today, we're excited to announce a new partnership outside the telematics realm. Gurtam is proud to be the Naming partner for Benediktas Vanagas, Lithuania's leading rally driver, in the upcoming Dakar 2024. This collaboration will be one of the major highlights for the company in the coming year.

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Aliaksei Shchurko
CEO, Gurtam

"Gurtam collaborates with thousands of businesses globally, delivering its products to over 150 countries. Through this reach and for over twenty years on the market, we have set high standards in the industry. The Dakar rally, the most significant event in its class globally, aligns with our vision of leadership on the global stage. However, as Gurtam’s story in Lithuania evolves, we see the equal importance of our local presence. Partnering with a prominent personality such as Benediktas Vanagas will enable us to synergize efforts both on the local front and in the global arena. Moreover, our partnership is built on the same values of team spirit and adherence to chosen direction, irrespective of circumstances."

Benediktas Vanagas stands out as one of the most successful racing drivers in the Baltic states, having achieved notable results across diverse auto racing disciplines, such as rallying, rally raid racing, endurance racing, and off-road competitions, primarily focusing on his role as a rally driver. 

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Benediktas Vanagas

The 46th edition of the Dakar rally will occur between 5 and 19 January 2024 in Saudi Arabia. This is the 12th rally for Benediktas Vanagas, since his debut in 2013. Overall, Vanagas has reached the finish line in all but three of his eleven participations, with the #11 position in 2019 being the highest in Baltic countries to date. This time, Benediktas Vanagas's team sets off to Dakar on December 31 to prepare for the enduring challenge. 

Gurtam will be following the progress on the route and supporting the team till the finish line. Later in 2024, we expect more collaborations with Benediktas Vanagas that merge business, technology excellence, and rally racing. These projects aim to open new chapters of the company’s development, both in Lithuania and overseas.