InSmartRain is a software and hardware solution that provides monitoring and control of center pivot and linear irrigation machines. Each machine is equipped with one or two monitoring terminals to control movement, collect telematics data from sensors, and control the machines. Telematics data is transferred to Wialon.

The application supports Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local. The solution is a constructor, the functionality of which can be increased.

Key functionality:

  • calculation of performance indicators by irrigation sectors;
  • calculation of water consumption indicators according to the specifications or flow meter;
  • calculation of irrigation indicators in mm;
  • remotely starting and stopping a machine, choosing a movement direction, choosing an irrigation rate (in the maximum configuration);
  • accident alarm signaling;
  • fixing operation periods of the water cannon (if any);
  • fixing movements without water in the line;
  • flexible settings for any configuration of irrigation machines.

The application and the hardware solution have been tested on irrigation machines Reinke, Valley, Kuban.


  • Russia Russia

Language support

  • English English
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Russian Russian