Wialon Hosting

Wialon Hosting is a SaaS version of our GPS tracking software, characterized by extensive functionality and flexible customization options. Platform updates come out on a regular basis and constantly add to already robust fleet management capabilities. Hosted solution allows you to eliminate costs, associated with server hardware and software acquisition, installation and administration.

Wialon hosting storage and administration is carried out in Wialon datacenter (see «Service Level Agreement»). Providing proprietary vehicle tracking software Gurtam undertakes the technical part and a client can focus on business issues.

Wialon and GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracker

Wialon is compatible with a number of automobile controllers, personal and software GPS trackers. Gurtam longs for cooperation with GPS hardware providers, which enables to constantly integrate new devices with Wialon.

The approach guarantees tracking system flexibility and makes it accessible for any client, whatever tracking devices the company utilizes.

Wialon Data Center

Wialon Data Center

Wialon Data Center comprises more than 300 modern servers and advanced distributed data storage and processing technologies. Gurtam hosted GPS Tracking software is installed and functioning here. This allows for 700 000+ unit data packets to be received here every minute.

Offering Wialon fleet tracking software and our server center we guarantee ultimate performance and availability of our SaaS-solutions 99,5% of the time per our SLA.

Wialon Webinars
Learn directly from Wialon experts. They will teach you how to use Wialon platform and other Wialon-based solutions so to make the best of your business.
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