Wialon Local

Server-based GPS tracking system

The monitoring system is deployed on your or your client’s server. We provide the entire functionality for GPS tracking. You pay only for those functions that you actually use.
Wialon Local

Core features of the server-based GPS tracking system

Access to servers

The server’s data, backups, and settings are always at hand

In-built metrics

No need to use third-party tools to monitor the server efficiency

Effortless administration

We add Debian Linux to each distribution package

Reasonable workload

The server average storage capacity is up to 20,000 units


Updates, troubleshooting, and Wialon Local restart can be carried out without the involvement of the system integrator


Two-factor authentication and password protection with the exhaustive search method

Get real-time data on the unit activity and status

Control fuel consumption from a filling station to machinery

Reduce the vehicles wear and tear and avoid fines

Build routes and ensure their observance

Get insightful reports

Respond to events right away

Manage accounts easily

Promote discipline and motivate the team

Units online-monitoring
Fuel consumption control
Driver behavior analysis
Routing service
Powerful analytics
User-friendly management
Work with tachograph data
Wialon Local

Learn more about Wialon app for iOS and Android

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2,800+ devices are currently compatible with Wialon

Check your hardware compatibility
Wialon Local

Wialon Local 2204: find out the new features of the platform’s server version

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Wialon Local webinar

The highlights of Wialon Local 2104

The webinar is dedicated to the latest Wialon Local 2104 version, its new features, and the ways of how businesses can benefit from it. The event is going to be useful for experienced and new users of Wialon Local.

Recorded: June 10, 2021
Host: Sergey Lapin, Wialon Local Expert, Gurtam
Length: 28 minutes

    Wialon Local

    The Wialon partner map is on gurtam.com!

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    Wialon Local

    Wialon-based solutions

    Wialon asset tracking software is a versatile platform. It is easily integrated with other systems and becomes the base for partners’ developments. This was made possible by the Software Development Kit which is a set of tools for creating Wialon-based solutions.

    Use your integrator’s experience for their development and resolve the non-typical tasks of your clients with the system.
    Wialon Local
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