INPETROL is a Wialon application that provides integration and comparison of data on fuel actually filled and transactions actually made. The application works with both Wialon Hosting and Wialon Local. The current version of the application receives data from the ‎Advanced Payment Solutions (APS) fuel cards and the enterprise-level fuel supply system – Garvex AZS-Online.

In addition, the new version can compare the actual fuel supply in the Wialon system with data (for example, from identification cards) from signal capture devices or similar sensors about how much fuel should have been supplied into the tank. The report highlights all suspicious or unmatching refuelings and transactions with different color indications. Refueling coinciding with the required fuel delivery with high accuracy, is highlighted in green.

The application provides potential transactions for fuel return. Each gas station has detailed information on its location on the map. The application has been supplemented with data on the total fuel consumption of different brands in liters and rubles.


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