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Old Teltonika Devices Firmware Update

19 December, 2017

Teltonika strongly recommends updating firmware on old devices – FM4100, FM4200, FM2100, FM2200 and FM3200 – to the latest firmware versions. FM1100 – please, follow the information below.

For remote firmware update, please use FOTA application which allows updating the device firmware and configuration remotely over the air. For clients who do not have FOTA app, please contact your sales representative or send request at Once firmware update is completed, devices will continue in their normal operation.

Here are the links to download base and commonly used special firmware versions:  


End of production 2010.05


user: FM21XY

pass: 21F0MT


End of production 2012.01

user: FM22XY

pass: 22FT00P


End of production 2012.10


user: FM32XY

pass: 23YF1MD


End of production 2010.06

user: FM41XY

pass: FOT53KPL


End of production 2014.01

user: FM42XY

pass: GS5D98E


Before update please check device version with 'getver' command and updated  by table below:

  • 01.00.xx -> update to 01.00.06 
  • 01.01.xx -> update to 01.01.08 
  • 01.02.xx -> update to 01.02.10 
  • 01.04.xx -> update to 01.04.01 

Do not update device to another branch (middle number), because you will lose device configuration and you won't be able to send configuration via  FOTA (not supported in these versions).