DashDrive: Virtual Driver Dashboard App for Android Devices

26 January, 2023

Sometimes you need to display important telematics data to a driver (or machine operator) onboard. In this case you can use DashDrive app developed by Mechatronics. With DashDrive app you can turn any Android device (smartphone, tablet, DVR, Car audio) into a flexibly configurable dashboard with instant telematics data: speed, rpm, temperatures, pressure, CAN bus data, etc. Any parameter you can get with GPS trackers — Navtelecom Smart and Teltonika — can be displayed as an interactive gauge on a virtual dashboard. DashDrive uses Bluetooth channel to get the data, so connection with the server is NOT required.


Android application DashDrive performs the following functions:

  • connects to GPS trackers via Bluetooth wireless interface to receive instant telematics data;
  • saves and stores telematics dataset in the local database (DB) of Android device and recalculates data according to the formula;
  • sends the saved telematics data to GPS tracking platform if the Internet connection is available;
  • displays telematics data on a virtual dashboard that is flexibly configured;
  • the collected data can be sent to the Wialon monitoring server via the Wialon IPS protocol if the Internet connection is available (mobile or Wi-Fi).

Thus, Android application DashDrive displays instant sensor values, CAN bus data and other telematics data to the driver, informs in case values exceed the set limits.

You can run DashDrive on any Android-based devices:  smartphones, tablets, DVRs. A good idea is to run DashDrive on a car DVR with a split screen option. In this case you will provide a dashboard to a driver without purchasing any new hardware.

dashdrive 3

If there is no cellular coverage, an Android device can collect data and send it to Wialon via Wi-Fi.

DashDrive app is licensed for each Android device with no future payments.

You can download User manual and trial Dashdrive app at the manufacturer's website.


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