ATrack’s Asset Tracker Certified on AT&T Network

9 September, 2015

ATrack’s AS1 asset tracker has received great market feedback from companies who are looking for a way to monitor and ensure the safety of remote assets. Now that AT&T has approved AS1’s cellular communication performance and stability on their 3G network, our customers in the US can start benefiting from ATrack’s remote asset security technology that has already seen much success in other regions of the world. This also allows company to further expand ATrack’s presence in the US, collaborate with local service providers who utilize AT&T’s cellular network, and provide a more diverse product portfolio to help our customers tackle new market verticals and win new businesses. 

AS1 is designed for monitoring remote assets with integrated GPS for location tracking and cellular connectivity for asset status updates and potential theft alerts. It is suitable for various operating environment with ruggedized and IP67-rated casing, which provides protection against temperature, dust, and water spray. Its large battery capacity and optimal power saving mechanisms ensure operation for up to 3 years, which makes it an ideal self-contained hardware solution for long term deployments.

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