ATrack announces ADM Device Management platform

4 September, 2017

The task of managing devices over their live cycles can be a daunting and expensive one for many companies, especially those who have significant number of active devices in the field. Without a centralized device management tool, administrators have to deal with devices individually which is very timing consuming and requires significant human resources that can be better utilized elsewhere.

To address this complex and difficult task, ATrack is proud to announce its new ATrack Device Management (ADM) platform which increases operational efficiency and decreases ongoing opportunity costs significantly for our customers. ADM allows administrators to assign authorization level to others, group devices, perform firmware updates and configuration changes in batches of devices, track the history of changes made to the device, and determine warranty status, in addition to the many other features available on ADM.

ADM has a user-friendly interface and plays a critical part in fleet service providers’ daily operations. For more information about ADM, please request at


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