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Telematics Vilnius 2023: hosting experts in the city of Gurtam's headquarters

Date icon 19 December, 2023
Telematics Vilnius 2023: hosting experts in the city of Gurtam's headquarters
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On December 6–8, 2023, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and the city of Gurtam’s headquarters, turned into a hub for telematics and IoT experts. About 200 professionals gathered here for the Telematics Vilnius 2023 conference to discuss IoT, fleet management, and telematics.

The conference is a traditional annual event to foster the development and growth of the Wialon partner community. Wialon partners, as well as international hardware manufacturers, software developers, and connectivity providers, come together at the Telematics conference. In 2023, the conference was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, for the second time. 

What marked this year's event?

Talks on the future – that of the industry and in general 

Coming up with certain predictions is quite logical and even expected at the end of the year, and this was evident within the conference agenda. Aliaksei Shchurko, the CEO of Gurtam, opened the conference with his speech on the future of IoT. He is confident that to stay ahead of the market, it’s necessary to embrace all the challenges and potential the new world offers:

  • Explore and try entering new niches with growth potential, be it OEMs, electric vehicles, or autonomous driving.

  • Leverage the power of AI for your business. Beyond just enhancing operation speed, AI simplifies processes, offering benefits from predictive maintenance to refined unit classification and computer vision applied to fleet management.

  • Integrate generative AI such as LLMs into your routine. Tailoring extensive databases to specific needs, for example, customer chatbots or reports can streamline your workflow.

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Aliaksei’s opinion was supported by the exclusive guest, a renowned futurist Gerd Leonard, who took part in the conference with his talk on the so-called Good Future. The key highlights of his speech included insights on the lightning-speed evolution of AI, the unfolding green revolution shaping industries for a sustainable future, and a deep dive into the ethical layer of technology in the AI age.

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Collaboration and networking

Apart from the insightful keynotes delivered by the Wialon top managers, the conference provided numerous opportunities for communication and idea sharing, such as panel discussions, Q&A session, workshops, and smaller group case study presentations. For Wialon partners, the event has become a safe space to interact and talk business in a close connection with the Wialon team and community members from all over the globe. Partners and all of us at Gurtam relish the opportunity to explore new ways of using Wialon in scenarios we’ve hardly seen before, and this is definitely one of the conference's most significant values.

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Technology expo

Already a trademark for the Telematics conferences, the technology expo boasted of the most sought-after solutions by the leading global hardware manufacturers and software providers. All of them are distinguished technology partners of Gurtam and Wialon. This time, such companies as Teltonika Telematics, ELA Innovation, Gosafe, Gosuncn, Cipia, Mechatronics, Location Solutions, Sensata Insights, Ruptela, Queclink, Howen, and Escort had a fantastic chance to show their best solutions for two days straight. 

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As a reputed software developer, Gurtam also presented its two other products  — flespi and GPS-Trace — at a shared expo booth. It provided Wialon partners with ideas on scaling up their businesses by using more than one product by Gurtam. Thus, flespi could be used as the telematics backend platform for ingesting data from telematics hardware of any type and then streaming it to Wialon. As for GPS-Trace, it offers the possibility of creating easy-to-use applications for end-users on top of Wialon, which may open new niches for telematics service providers. 

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Visiting Vilnius in winter

For many Wialon partners who attended the conference, December in Vilnius marked the beginning of the Christmas season, with the coziness of snow-covered streets and team activities we organized for the community. Sharing these moments with our partners was a cherished highlight of 2023, marking the conclusion of another year of dedicated work and commitment.

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To sum it up

The Telematics Vilnius 2023 conference is definitely a significant event for the global tech community bringing leading market players together. For instance, the analytical agency Berg Insight has consistently recognized Gurtam as one of the key software providers in the global telematics market, and from a hardware standpoint, they have identified Teltonika Telematics as the leading manufacturer. This makes the conference one of the most prominent events in the field, impacting the industry. 

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Worth mentioning, that this year’s Telematics Vilnius follows another recent event held by Gurtam – flespi conf 2023. It was the first-ever event of the kind organized for flespi clients that gathered industry experts and developers from all over the world. It has become another milestone for Gurtam, attracting international business and technology representatives to Vilnius, the home of the company’s headquarters. 

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