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Gurtam to join Georgian ICT Association

Date icon 14 March, 2024
Gurtam to join Georgian ICT Association
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In 2022 Gurtam opened its office in Tbilisi, Georgia, and since then the company has been on the way to establishing its strong presence in the country, both as a software development company with solid experience and a prospective employer. Gurtam’s expertise in fleet tracking solutions in particular and its global profile as a successful telematics company resulted in a significant update in this field. Recently, Gurtam has become a member of the Georgian ICT Association (ICTA). This strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in the countries and regions where Gurtam’s offices are located.

ICTA in Georgia: the vision for innovation 

The ICTA's vision for the tech ecosystem in Georgia is ambitious and inspiring. It aims to facilitate the country's transformation into a technology hub, creating an environment open to innovation and collaboration. By connecting a diverse community of tech professionals, startups, and established companies, the ICTA seeks to unlock its full potential in the digital age.

After diligent communication and collaboration, Gurtam has been approved as a member of the Association. This milestone places Gurtam at the forefront of the local IT community and opens up a world of opportunities for growth and collaboration.

On March 04, 2024, there was the annual meeting of the Association where Gurtam had already participated as a member, which marked the official entry into this community. Following engaging panel discussions, attendees participated in an interactive Q&A session, seeking valuable insights and clarifications from the expert speakers. 

As Gurtam looks ahead, being part of the Association offers promising opportunities for the Tbilisi office of the company to enhance its visibility in Georgia, share knowledge with other industry leaders, and forge meaningful relationships with key stakeholders in Georgia. Gurtam is excited to embark on this journey and contribute to the thriving tech ecosystem.