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Gurtam Hackathon: unlocking the power of AI in business optimization

Date icon 27 February, 2024
Gurtam Hackathon: unlocking the power of AI in business optimization
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Embracing AI in the telematics industry

Remember the remarkable presentation by Gurtam's CEO Aliaksei Shchurko at Telematics Vilnius 2023? Unveiling the latest telematics trends, he emphasized the potential of AI to enhance performance, efficiency, and accuracy for vehicle tracking and the telematics industry in general. Gurtam, as a leading telematics company, fully recognizes the value of AI and its impact on business operations. The recent Hackathon showcased Gurtam’s commitment to technological advancement not only in providing cutting-edge GPS tracking solutions but also in optimizing internal processes by integrating AI. 

Beyond vehicle tracking solutions

While Gurtam specializes in developing software for fleet tracking solutions, the scope of AI adoption extends far beyond telematics. AI can optimize a wide range of business processes, irrespective of their scale. Gurtam acknowledges this opportunity to streamline its operations.

The 2024 Gurtam Hackathon serves a dual purpose: first, generating practical solutions to facilitate internal processes, and second, empowering Gurtam’s products with AI capabilities. The challenge lies in creating technology-packed solutions that are not only innovative but also highly practical and user-friendly. With a focus on clear benefits and precise alignment with business goals, the Gurtam Hackathon aims to reconsider the way the telematics company operates.

AI at the core of the Hackathon

For just 2.5 working days, 14 internal teams at Gurtam were fully immersed in the research, estimation, prototyping, development, and deployment of their AI-powered tools. Remarkably, this edition of the hackathon provided a unique opportunity for non-developers to try the potential of AI in designing their solutions.

By optimizing its internal processes and products with AI capabilities, Gurtam positions itself as an industry leader, committed not only to delivering solid GPS tracking solutions but also focusing on technology as the way to improve as a business. As a forward-thinking telematics company, Gurtam pioneers the integration of AI technology, reshaping the way business operates.

As a result, almost half of the projects presented by the teams were targeted at improving internal processes. No doubt the key aim was to enhance decision-making, streamline information gathering and analysis, enable fast translation and localization, facilitate internal training, reduce manual work, and many more. By focusing on internal optimization, Gurtam aims to enhance the efficiency and productivity of its workflow.

A Ilocalizationtool

Example of AI-powered localization tool.


Pushing the boundaries of fleet tracking solutions

Gurtam has always been at the forefront of developing world-leading fleet tracking solutions. During the Hackathon, multiple teams set their sights on Wialon, Gurtam's flagship GPS tracking software. Their focus was on optimizing the software's performance, by introducing AI-powered dashboards and reports, strengthening the existing vehicle tracking solutions, improving the system's reporting capabilities, as well as providing immediate support to users. Some of the examples are provided below.

Wialon Dashboard

Example of a custom request for a widget within the Wialon dashboard.


Wialon Local Support Assistant

Example of the AI-powered chatbot assistant for Wialon Local, providing technical support. 

The team behind flespi, presented a technically advanced solution, as their aim was to make PVM programming more accessible and efficient, enabling faster progress and simpler performance. The target of the team was to enable the LLM learn and understand PVM code to further deliver PVM programming to be used in configuration plugins.

Pvm Programing Preview

Example of the LLM-based solution generating PVM code.


Seamless integration with various GPS tracking hardware devices poses a challenge for fleet management software developers. Recognizing this, Gurtam has been always dedicating significant effort towards precise telematics hardware integration for all the products – Wialon, flespi and GPS-Trace. The recent Hackathon presented an opportunity for the teams to facilitate this process by recognizing the device model by its photos or raw data and providing immediate info on it as well as the usage recommendations. This solves the issue of a heavy manual workload and speeds up the process.


Example of a step-by-step process of AI identifying GPS tracking devices. 

Focus on data security and regulation

Throughout the Hackathon, Gurtam placed utmost importance on data security. The teams were provided with secure accounts to ensure the safety of their tasks. Furthermore, adherence to the company's strict data access regulations was among the key requirements for each project. Gurtam's unwavering commitment to data security further solidifies their position as a trusted telematics company.

Hackathon Content

The success of Gurtam's Hackathon has reaffirmed the importance of technology adoption, as it is not just the way to move forward, it is the only option not to lag. With the integration of AI into systems and processes, Gurtam recognizes the necessity for its further implementation. The solutions presented at the Hackathon have the potential to revolutionize not only vehicle tracking solutions but also various daily operations previously considered routine.” – says Aliaksei Shchurko, Gurtam's CEO.

Gurtam's Hackathon demonstrated their commitment to innovation. From optimizing internal processes to integrating AI, Gurtam continues to lead the way in the telematics industry. Being a second Hackathon held internally (the previous edition was held in 2023 and was aimed at leveraging flespi potential), this activity depicts the company’s focus on technology adoption and a clear vision for the future. Without a doubt, Gurtam aims to revolutionize not just fleet tracking solutions they create but also a multitude of daily operations within a company.