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Gurtam goes remote: important info about contacting us

Date icon 16 March, 2020
Person icon Ksenia Dobreva
Gurtam goes remote: important info about contacting us
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Our company supports the initiatives for preventing coronavirus spread and cares about its employees and their families. That’s why the Gurtam team will work remotely for a month, starting from March 16. This is a preliminary time period, and we will specify it depending on the situation.

Because of this, we’re asking to use email for contacting us on March 16-18. The phones will still be available, but up to March 18, we’re planning to work on our infrastructure so that the team members can receive your calls from their homes.

We’ve already done a lot so that our work stays effective: all our employees are equipped with computers and means of communication. After reconfiguring the telephones, our connection with the partners and other contacts will return to the previous level. The Boston office is already accepting calls as usual.

Gurtam going remote will not affect the performance of our products.

Thanks for your understanding! Have a productive week.

Best regards,

Gurtam team

Ksenia Dobreva
Ksenia Dobreva

Ksenia is a Content Strategist at Gurtam with 8 years of content-related experience in tech companies. She’s working to deliver value through content to the Wialon community members and users of the Gurtam products.