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Gurtam DevConf 2024: become a speaker

Date icon 02 July, 2024
Gurtam DevConf 2024: become a speaker
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Gurtam, a global leader in vehicle telematics solutions, is excited to announce an expansive new initiative: the Gurtam DevConf, scheduled for September 10, 2024, in Vilnius, Lithuania. This conference significantly extends our commitment to fostering professional knowledge and expertise within the tech community.

Bridging decades of Gurtam’s experience with the innovation

Gurtam has been synonymous with leading professional telematics conferences and networking events for the Wialon partner community, gathering community in Vilnius, Mexico, and Dubai for over a decade. Last year, the company held the first-ever flespi conference for those developing their solutions on top of flespi. A traditional IoT project of the year competition is among the outstanding events organized by Gurtam. Equipped with this conference heritage and the knowledge the Gurtam experts share, the upcoming Gurtam DevConf is designed differently to involve IT professionals of a wider scope, not only those working with Wialon or flespi, and of a wider roles list –  from seasoned developers to visionary tech leaders.

What to expect at Gurtam DevConf

The conference aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among top developers in IoT, complex systems, and live data solutions. Attendees will delve into critical web development topics, including large-scale architectures, databases, storage systems, and software development in test environments (SDET).

Special emphasis will be placed on the technological setups and architecture in fields such as IoT, blockchain, neural networks, and artificial intelligence. Gurtam's own professionals will share insights and behind-the-scenes looks at the software industry's evolving landscape.

Who should attend?

Gurtam DevConf is tailored for diverse tech professionals, including Chief Engineers, Team Leaders, Developers, Technical Managers, DevOps Engineers, CTOs, Big Data Engineers, and Company Founders. Whether you’re steering your company’s strategic direction or hands-on with coding, the sessions are designed to spark innovation and provide actionable insights.

Join the league of extraordinary technologists

The conference is a unique opportunity to hear from some of the brightest minds in tech. Don’t miss the chance to network, share your experiences, and gain new perspectives that could redefine your approach to tech challenges.

For those interested in contributing to the conference, we invite you to join our agenda list and secure a speaking slot. For more details on the schedule and session topics and to register your interest, visit the Gurtam DevConf official page.

Please be aware that participant registration will open shortly, and updates will be shared as they become available. In the meantime, mark your calendar for September 10th — a day guaranteed to be both informative and inspiring.