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Gurtam among Lithuanian Unicorns

Date icon 22 March, 2024
Gurtam among Lithuanian Unicorns
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In March 2024, Gurtam is honored to join the Lithuanian tech community, Unicorns Lithuania. This milestone underscores Gurtam’s commitment to increasing local visibility and engaging in knowledge exchange with Lithuania's technology sector. 

Gurtam, with its extensive experience in fleet management software development, is recognized globally for its vehicle tracking solutions and IoT platforms, as well as its commitment to research and development and adherence to industry best practices. With more than 20 years of expertise in the market, the company is a valuable member of Lithuania's technology community.

About Unicorns Lithuania

Unicorns Lithuania is an association comprising over 110 technology companies in the country, employing a significant portion of the local tech workforce. The organization focuses on fostering collaboration, promoting knowledge sharing, and increasing the visibility of its members. Gurtam is now among notable companies such as Hostinger, Vinted, Flo, Tesonet, Wargaming, Surfshark, Oxylabs, and many more within this network. Gurtam can contribute a lot as a prominent player with robust expertise not only in telematics and GPS tracking software but also in IT and tech leadership in general.

Joining Unicorns Lithuania, Gurtam engages in the local tech community to collaborate on industry trends and foster mutual growth. This partnership not only boosts Gurtam’s visibility and advocacy efforts within the tech ecosystem but also supports talent development in Lithuania.