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Embraced the experience: Ėjimas Walking Challenge 2024

Date icon 20 May, 2024
Embraced the experience: Ėjimas Walking Challenge 2024
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On May 19, the Gurtam team laced up their sneakers and joined the throngs of locals for the Ėjimas Walking Challenge, an annual event in Vilnius, Lithuania, that turns walking into a celebration of community, health, and mindfulness. With the sun shining down on Vilnius, this event wasn't just a physical challenge — it was a social one, bringing together people from all corners of the city to walk, talk, and share the simple joy of moving forward together.


The Gurtam team is getting ready to start

With routes varying from a leisurely 5 km to an ambitious 25 km, the challenge offered something for everyone, from casual walkers to seasoned hikers, ensuring everyone can find their perfect path. Each route was carefully designed to showcase Vilnius's stunning natural and urban beauty, offering participants a chance to engage both physically and mentally with their surroundings. 

At Gurtam, we understand the critical role that effective routing plays in achieving any goal. Team spirit and an atmosphere of support are what make Gurtam stand apart from other companies — we invest in the relationships we create, and this affects the products we develop.

We give the organizers full marks — a well-deserved 10 out of 10 for their excellent planning and execution.


Participants move along the route

The team that reached the end of the Gurtam routes was delighted. Everyone felt like they were part of a vast community. The most important thing is that  Ėjimas stands out as an event where every participant is a winner. The real victory is in the shared experiences, the laughter, the stories told along the paths, and the memories created. It's about moving together, at your own pace, to pursue health, happiness, and connection.

About the Ėjimas Walking Challenge

Ėjimas is more than just an event; it's a movement towards better health and heightened awareness. 

Gurtam's participation underscores the company's ongoing commitment to the well-being of its employees and their connection to the Lithuanian community. This participation aligns perfectly with Gurtam's mission to support health and active living.


Team Gurtam finishes strong at the Ėjimas, celebrating community and wellness under the Vilnius sun! 

Keep the momentum going with the Wialon Run Challenge!

Although the Ėjimas has wrapped up, the spirit of community and personal achievement doesn’t have to end. Physical activity is a crucial part of maintaining health and enhancing well-being; we at Gurtam are thrilled to invite you to lace up once more for an exciting endeavor — the Wialon Run Challenge! 

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