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Celebrating global IoT Day: showcasing Gurtam's solutions

Date icon 09 April, 2024
Celebrating global IoT Day: showcasing Gurtam's solutions
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The IoT is often described as a network connecting everything around us, providing the ability to send information, receive commands, and work together to make our lives easier and more efficient. Telematics, a cornerstone technology in all Gurtam products, is a significant part of IoT. It facilitates the transmission of telemetry data from a device to a platform, converting it into valuable insights about the connected units's location, speed, and status. In this context, we are proud to highlight some of Gurtam's products that exemplify the power of IoT.

IoT for indoor monitoring and asset tracking: flespi's approach to BLE telemetry

IoT for Indoor Monitoring With Flespi

BLE beacons and tags enable a seamless flow of telemetry data to keep construction under a smart eye

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is a cornerstone of the Internet of Things, efficiently transmitting data over short distances. This technology applies to numerous IoT applications, including indoor positioning systems, asset management, etc. flespi's protocols for working with BLE beacons and tags can significantly optimize the approach to the systems where the BLE data pays a critical role.

To get a better idea, consider a scenario where employees in an office are equipped with BLE-enabled badges, while the rooms are fitted with GPS trackers. This setup allows for precise monitoring of employee movements, identifying congestion in areas, and improving overall workplace efficiency. flespi facilitates this by integrating moving BLE beacon data with fixed GPS tracker positions indoors, working as a gateway. Equipment is configured to report a list of BLE beacons, which, through flespi's platform, are tracked in real-time as separate device type.

The solution also supports scenarios where a moving GPS tracker, such as on a indoor demolition machine or a forklift, needs to maintain accurate location tracking on the construction set, where GPS signals may fall short. By using fixed BLE tags to transmit positioning data to the moving GPS tracker, flespi ensures a data flow for efficient indoor and outdoor tracking. This dual approach, leveraging BLE beacons for stationary monitoring and BLE tags for dynamic tracking, showcases flespi's versatility in bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor IoT applications.

From healthcare to logistics, knowing the precise location of people, equipment, or assets inside buildings unlocks new levels of control, analytics, and operational efficiency. As flespi continues to evolve its BLE protocol, the horizon for indoor and blended monitoring applications expands, promising even more innovative solutions for businesses worldwide. Some of them are soon to come with one of Gurtam’s products.

IoT in the mining industry: a strategic win for Wialon partners

Iot in Mining Industry With Wialon

The mining industry benefits from IoT platforms like Wialon

In the mining industry, where efficiency and safety play a crucial role, IoT platforms like Wialon are proving to be game-changers. Here’s the example of Wialon application for Apadana Kavosh, a major Middle Eastern company specializing in mine exploration, extraction, and mineral exporting. The company faced challenges with a fleet of 1,000 vehicles, including poor distribution of vehicles and warehouse assets, high maintenance costs, and insufficient data for control and strategic decision-making. In the field of mining, this might have led to significant losses.

The full-scale IoT solution was powered by Wialon and involved equipping vehicles with GalileoSky 7X Wi-Fi devices, fuel sensors, and new tire pressure monitoring systems, among others. These upgrades enabled Apadana Kavosh to closely monitor vehicle locations, extraction data, and a multitude of operational parameters, delivering a 360-view of fleet operations.

Additionally, Wialon enabled various improvements, from enhanced eco-driving to optimized dispatch management, reducing maintenance costs and improving work site safety. GGRCO, the Wialon partner implementing the solution for Apadana Kavosh, developed custom modules, including automated dispatching systems, maintenance schedules, and warehouse management.

This transformation significantly enhanced operational efficiency, fuel management, and overall cost savings. The smart mining solutions, powered by Wialon, addressed the business’s immediate needs, illustrating the significant impact of IoT technologies in the mining sector.

IoT for safety and security: invisible and handy tools by GPS-Trace

IoT for Vessels Security With Gps Trace

Recovery of stolen vessels is easily enabled with IoT and GPS tracking

In the picturesque city of Venice, boats and gondolas serve as the primary modes of transportation, navigating its famed narrow canals. However, like any valuable asset, these vessels are exposed to theft, highlighting the need for advanced security. Trackboat, a Venice-based company, recognized the necessity for robust security solutions to protect its fleet. The company sought real-time geolocation capabilities for its vessels and efficient tools to both secure them and mitigate the risk of unexpected losses.

Equipping a gondola in Venice with GPS tracking technology is a practical solution. These vessels are typically always within the range of internet connectivity, do not reach high speeds, and offer numerous possibilities for tracker installation.

To enhance its fleet's security, Trackboat adopted GPS-Trace user-friendly applications, specifically Ruhavik and later Forguard. These applications allow the company to monitor whether a vessel remains in the designated geofences. Furthermore, with the Teltonika FMB204 device, Trackboat can check out a boat if there is no communication for more than five minutes. The system also alerts the company to potential towing incidents identified by movement without the ignition being on. In the event of theft, a series of commands enables the remote shutdown of the engine.

Security isn't the only focus — maintenance sensors installed on the boats and controls for unexpected speeding contribute to cost optimization in repairs and depreciation. This is particularly beneficial for a rent-a-boat service that can be managed through the GPS-Trace’s Partner Panel.

The effectiveness of these solutions is reflected in the company's impressive growth. Since initiating the partnership 1.5 years ago, Trackboat's fleet has expanded tenfold. With over 400 boats now registered in Venice in total, Trackboat services approximately one-sixth of them, demonstrating a significant increase in fleet efficiency and security.

These examples are among a wide range of use cases and solutions provided by Gurtam’s products and leveraging the power of IoT and telematics data. As Gurtam continues to develop in the field, more and more options and tools become available for our clients and partners globally, making it way easier to track, analyze, and predict.