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The following data should also be added to IntelliTrac A1 unit properties section of Wialon GPS tracking software:

Device type: IntelliTrac A1
Unique ID: imei

Specify the following parameters in configuration software or configuration IntelliTrac A1 for use in Wialon Hosting:

Server IP Address:
Server port: 20325

326 units of IntelliTrac A1 device type are connected to Wialon Data Center. This represents 0.04% of all AVL Hardware connected.

Below chart represents the dynamic of connections in the last 30 days:

Parameter name Description Units
abs_control_status J1708 ABS Control Status
accel_pedal_pos J1708 Accelerator Pedal Position %
accel_pedal_pos1 J1939 Accelerator Pedal Position 1 %
acc_pos J1979 Accelerator Pedal Position %
air_flow J1708 Mass Air Flow kg/min
ambient_air_temp J1979 Ambient Air Temperature °C
anti_lock_braking Anti Lock Braking (ABS) State
axle_weight J1939 Axle Weight kg
barcode Barcode
barcode_i Barcode (int)
barcode_l Barcode (long int)
baro_press J1979 Barometric Pressure kPa
batt_voltage Battery Voltage mV
boost_pressure J1708 Boost Pressure kPa
brake_app_press J1708 Brake Application Pressure kPa
brake_pedal_pos J1939 Brake Pedal Position %
brake_prim_press J1708 Brake Primary Pressure kPa
brake_second_press J1708 Brake Secondary Pressure kPa
break_stroke_status J1708 Break Stroke Status
can_axle_weight J1939 Axle Weight kg
can_charger_press J1939 Charger Pressure kPa
can_coolant_temp J1939 Coolant Temperature of Engine °C
can_eng_rpm J1939 Engine RPM RPM
can_fuel_lvl J1939 Fuel Level %
can_fuel_temp J1939 Fuel Temperature in Engine °C
can_fuel_util_rate J1939 Utility rate of Fuel L/h
can_total_dist J1939 Total Vehicle Distance km
can_tpl J1939 Accelerator pedal (AP) position %
can_wheel_speed J1939 Whell Speed km/h
cargo_weight J1708 Cargo Weight N
cm J1939 SPN Conversion Method
control_volt J1979 Control Module Voltage V
coolant_temp J1708 Engine Coolant Temperature °F
cruise_control J1939 Cruise Control State
cruise_control_st J1708 Cruise Control Status
door_control1 J1939 Door Control 1 State
door_control2 J1939 Door Control 2 State
dtc_num J1979 Number of DTCs
eng_boost_pressure J1939 Engine Turbocharger Boost Pressure kPa
eng_cool J1979 Engine Coolant Temperature °C
engine_coolant_temp J1939 Engine Coolant Temperature °C
engine_fuel_economy J1939 Engine Instantaneous Fuel Economy km/L
engine_fuel_rate J1939 Engine Fuel Rate L/h
engine_fuel_used J1939 Engine Total Fuel Used L
engine_hours J1708 Total Engine Hours h
engine_load J1708 Percent Engine Load %
engine_oil_temp1 J1939 Engine Oil Temperature 1 °C
engine_operation_hours J1939 Engine total hours of Operation h
engine_rpm J1708/J1939 Engine RPM RPM
eng_load J1979 Calculated Engine Load Value %
eng_rpm J1979 Engine RPM RPM
ext_voltage External (Main) Voltage mV
fls_input J1979 Fuel Level Input %
fmi J1939 Failure Mode Indicator
fms J1939 FMS standard Interface Identity
fuel_consumption J1708 Total Fuel Used (Natural Gas) kg
fuel_economy J1708 Average Fuel Economy km/L
fuel_economy_state J1708 Average Fuel Economy State
fuel_level J1708/J1939 Fuel Level %
fuel_press J1979 Fuel Pressure kPa
fuel_volume J1939 Fuel Rate L/s
ign Ignition State
impact_x Impact by X-Axis mG
impact_y Impact by Y-Axis mG
impact_z Impact by Z-Axis mG
inN_pulse Input puls counter N value
intake_air_temp J1979 Intake Air Temperature °C
intake_manifold J1979 Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure kPa
intake_manifold1_t J1939 Engine Intake Manifold 1 Temperature °C
intake_manifold_tmp J1708 Intake Manifold Temperature °F
maf_air_rate J1979 MAF Air Flow Rate g/sec
message_id Message ID
mil_dist J1979 Distance traveled with MIL on km
mileage J1708 Total Vehicle Distance km
mil_status J1979 Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) status (0-on, 1-off)
motion_x Motion X-G Force mG
motion_y Motion Y-G Force mG
motion_z Motion Z-G Force mG
obd_odo J1979 OBD odometer km
oc J1939 Occurrence Count
odometr Odometer m
oil_pressure J1708 Engine Oil Pressure kPa
parking_brake_st J1708 Parking Brake Switch Status
parking_brake_swt J1939 Parking Brake Switch State
trailer_air_press Parking and or Trailer Air Pressure kPa
pto_state J1939 PTO State
road_speed J1708 Road Speed km/h
run_time Run time since engine start sec
speed_limit_status J1708 Road Speed Limit Status
spn J1939 Suspect Parameter Number
tacho_states J1939 Tachograph State
tacho_vehicle_speed J1939 Tachograph vehicle speed km/h
throttle_pos J1979 Throttle Position %
throttle_position J1708 Throttle Position %
total_fuel J1979 Total fuel used L
total_vehicle_dist J1939 High Resolution Total Vehicle Distance km
vehicle_status Vehicle Status (Bit Mask)
veh_speed J1979 Vehicle Speed km/h

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